1st Edition

The Psychology of Planning in Organizations Research and Applications

Edited By Michael D. Mumford, Michael Frese Copyright 2015
    386 Pages
    by Routledge

    386 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines planning as the critical influence on performance at work and in organizations.   Bridging theory and practice, it unites cutting-edge research findings from cognitive science, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, strategic management, and entrepreneurship, and describes the practical applications of these research findings for practitioners interested in improving planning performance in organizations.

    1. Organizational Planning: The Psychology of Performance Introduction Michael Frese, Michael D. Mumford, and Carter Gibson 2. Planning Processes: Relevant Cognitive Operations Michael D. Mumford, Jensen T. Mecca, and Logan L. Watts 3. The Planning Fallacy: When Plans Lead to Optimistic Forecasts Roger Buehler and Dale Griffin 4. Personality and Planning: The Interplay Between Linear and Holistic Processing Anna M. Engel and Julius Kuhl 5. Planning: A Mediator in Goal Setting Theory Gary P. Latham and Alana S. Arshoff 6. Emotions and Planning in Organizations Shane Connelly and Genevieve Johnson 7. Planning High Performance: Can Groups and Teams Benefit from Implementation Intentions? J. Lukas Thürmer, Frank Wieber, and Peter M. Gollwitzer 8. Planning for Innovation: The Critical Role of Agility Samuel T. Hunter, Melissa Gutworth, Matthew P. Crayne, and Bradley S. Jayne 9. The Five Perils of Team Planning: Regularities and Remedies Alejandra C. Montoya, Dorothy R. Carter, Jessie Martin, and Leslie A. DeChurch 10. Examining the Multi-Level Effects of Organizational Planning on Performance Nastassia Savage, Shannon Marlow, and Eduardo Salas 11. Expertise in Organizational Planning – Impact on Performance Kenneth N. McKay, Wout van Wezel, and Toni Waefler 12. Biases as Constraints on Planning Performance Dawn L. Eubanks, Daniel Read, and Yael Grushka-Cockayne 13. Planning by Leaders: Factors Influencing Leader Planning Performance Michael D. Mumford, Vincent Giorgini, and Logan Steele 14. Strategic Planning and Firm Performance: Towards a Better Understanding of a Controversial Relationship Laura B. Cardinal, C. Chet Miller, Markus Kreutzer, and Candace TenBrink 15. Planning and Entrepreneurship Michael M. Gielnik, Michael Frese, and Miriam S. Stark 16. Time Management and Procrastination Wendelien van Eerde 17. Training and Development for Organizational Planning Skills Holly K. Osburn, Jenifer M. Hatcher, and Bianca M. Zongrone


    Michael Frese is Professor at the Business School of the National University of Singapore and jointly at Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Germany.

    Michael Mumford is the George Lynn Cross Distinguished Research Professor and Program Director for the Department of Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, USA.

    "This book provides much to consider about an easily overlooked but clearly important topic in organisational behaviour. Those who are concerned with the investigation of, or interventions to improve, performance in organisations are recommended to check it out." - Denham Phipps, The Psychologist

    "Planning is a critical yet vastly under-researched topic in the organizational sciences. It impacts and is impacted by leadership, creativity and innovation, forecasting, and performance at multiple levels of analysis. That is why this book about the psychology of planning in organizations is so important. Frese and Mumford have assembled a who’s who of authors from cognitive science, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, strategic management, entrepreneurship, and various areas of organizational studies to summarize and critic the current planning research and applications as well as build the models and set the future research agenda for the entire planning arena involving individuals, teams, and organizations. They should be commended for their efforts; and readers should enjoy and benefit from their compendium." - Francis J. Yammarino, PhD, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Management and Director, Center for Leadership Studies, Binghamton University, USA

    "The authors provide compelling evidence for the benefits of planning, not just for the organization, but for individuals and teams, and examine its particular relevance to domains often seen at odds with planning, such as innovation and emotions. Of critical importance, the book includes practical, research-supported guidance on how to avoid common planning pitfalls, and strategies for engaging in effective planning." - Tamara L. Friedrich, University of Warwick, UK

    "This book is a highly informative--and overdue--treatise on planning in organizations. The role of planning in organizations has been degraded for several decades, despite research indicating its criticality for effective short and long term functioning. This book provides a comprehensive foundation for a 'revival of research' in this area, and brings together an eclectic mix of eminent scholars from different disciplines to support that foundation. The multilevel approach from individuals to teams and organizations is particularly welcome. This is a very important piece of work that should galvanize research and thinking on planning in organizations." - Stephen Zacarro, George Mason University, USA