1st Edition

The Psychology of the Selfie What the Research Says

By Barrie Gunter Copyright 2022
    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    190 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The Psychology of the Selfie provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of research on the significance of selfies, offering insights into the topic from a psychological perspective and examining important issues such as body image, self-objectification, mental health and psychological benefits.

    Selfies are a worldwide phenomenon. Although dismissed by critics as a sign of self-absorbed narcissism, they are also a social currency that maintains and reinforces friendships, a feedback loop for self-identity affirmation, a promotional tool for gaining social influence, and a method for preserving memories of life events. In this book, Barrie Gunter expertly explores the psychological underpinnings of the contemporary global phenomenon of "selfies", from the historical roots and meteoric rise due to technical advancements, to the different personality types of selfie-takers, to social relationships, to group and personal identity. Looking at both the psychological nature and impact of selfies, this book reviews different psychological outcomes for selfie-takers, both positive and negative, and the growth in psychological and physical problems that can sometimes arise.

    Presenting a comprehensive analysis specifically of selfie behaviour, this book is an essential reference for students and researchers in communications and media, journalism, information studies, psychology and sociology, as well as anyone with a general interest in the phenomenon.

    1. The Selfie Phenomenon 2. Profiling the Selfie-Takers 3. Selfies and Personality 4. Selfie Behaviour: Self-Image and Narcissism 5. Selfie Behaviour: Social Pressures 6. Selfies, Self-Objectification and Body Image 7. Selfies, Sexual Attraction and Relationships 8. Selfies, Celebrities, Influencers and Branding 9. Selfies, Mental State and Well-Being 10. Selfies and Psychological Benefits 11. Selfie Awareness and Literacy


    Barrie Gunter is a psychologist who worked in broadcasting and academia and is Emeritus Professor at the University of Leicester where he was formerly Professor of Mass Communication.