1st Edition

The Psychophysiology of Mental Imagery Theory, Research, and Application

    Serving to bridge the gap between differing approaches to psychology, this new text provides some of the most compelling evidence yet for the subjective presence and objective efficacy of the mental image. In this day and age of "dissociation" between physiological psychologists and other psychologists, between cognitive scientist and mentalist, between researchers and practitioners, mental imagery and its psychophysiology pose some intellectually "sticky" problems - and some promising resolutions - that should bind together differing disciplines within psychology.


    Part I: Theories of the Psychophysiological Relation: Dualistic and Materialistic Approaches Mind-Brain Identity Theory: A Materialistic Foundation for the Psychophysiology of Mental Imagery Robert G. Kunzendorf

    Psi Mediated Emergent Interactionism and the Nature of Consciousness Charles T. Tart

    Part II: Research into Psychophysiological Correlations: Images, Dreams, and Hallucinations Waking Images and Neural Activity Edoardo Bisiach and Anna Berti

    Creative Imagination and Neural Activity Colin Martindale

    Brain States of Visual Imagery and Dream Generation Dietrich Lehmann and Martha Koukkou

    Psychophysiology of Hypnotic Hallucinations David Spiegel and Arreed F. Barabasz

    Schizophrenic Hallucinations in the Context of Psychophysiological Studies of Schizophrenia Pierre Flor-Henry

    Part III: Applications of Psychophysiological Methods and Principles: Mental and Physical Health Neuropsychological Concepts of Mood, Imagery, and Performance Jennifer Langhinrichsen and Don M. Tucker

    Imaging, Image-Monitoring, and Health Robert G. Kunzendorf and Anees A. Sheikh

    Imagery, Psychoneuroimmunology, and the Psychology of Healing Howard Hall





    Robert G. Kunzendorf, Anees A. Sheikh