1st Edition

The Psychosocial Work Environment Work Organization, Democratization, and Health : Essays in Memory of Bertil Gardell

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Dedicated to the late Bertil Gardell, a Swedish Social Scientist, this text comprises of 18 essays that shares a common vision - the impact of work on the interconnected processes of stress and disease.

    Introduction—Work Organization, Occupational Health, and Social Change: The Legacy of Bertil Gardell Jeffrey V. Johnson and Gunn Johansson

    PART 1: Psychosocial Work Environment and Health Social Epidemiology and the Work Environment S. Leonard Syme

    Social Class and Cardiovascular Diseases: The Contribution of Work Michael Marmot and Tores Theorell

    A Biopsychosocial Approach to Work Life Issues Marianne Frankenhaeuser

    Job Demands and Stress Reactions in Repetitive and Uneventful Monotony at Work Gunn Johansson

    Learned Helplessness at Work Lennart Lennerlöf

    Gender, Work Control, and Stress: A Theoretical Discussion and an Empirical Test Ellen M. Hall

    PART 2: Multilevel Perspectives on Work Organization Dimensions of Control as Related to Work Organization, Stress, and Health Gunnar Aronsson

    Collective Control: Strategies for Survival in the Workplace Jeffrey V. Johnson

    Organizational Change and Health at Work Gunnela Westlander

    Origins of Authority: The Organization of Medical Care in Sweden Rolf & A A;. Gustafsson

    The Political Implications of Psychosocial Work Redesign: A Model of the Psychosocial Class Structure Robert Karasek

    PART 3: Workplace Democratization: Action Research Worker Participation and Autonomy: A Multilevel Approach to Democracy at the Workplace Bertil Gardell

    Democratizing Occupational Health: The Scandinavian Experience of Work Reform Björn Gustavsen

    A Democratic Strategy for Organizational Change Lennart Svensson

    Action Research on Occupational Stress: Involving Workers as Researchers Barbara A. Israel, Susan J. Schurman, and James S. House

    PART 4: Diffusion of the Psychosocial Work Environment Model Workplace Democracy and Worker Health: Strategies for Implementation in the United States Steven Deutsch

    Occupational Health, Stress, and Work Organization in Australia Leigh Deves and Robert Spillane

    The Implications of Work Organization for Occupational Health Policy: The Case of Canada
    Robert Sass

    Appendix—Bibliography of International Publications by Bertil Gardell





    Jeffrey V. Johnson (Author) ,  Bertil Gardell (Author) ,  Gunn Johannson (Author)