1st Edition

The Quest for Wealth 6 Steps for Making Mindful Money Choices

By James R. Langabeer Copyright 2022
    236 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    236 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Quest for Wealth - A Roadmap for Mindful Money Choices - Winner of the 2023 Bronze Medal, Global Book Awards for Business & Money

    Have you ever made a terrible money choice? Like most people, you are probably living paycheck to paycheck and wondering if you will ever be able to retire or get out of debt. You might find yourself working an extra job and still not getting ahead. The numbers are staggering, with average American consumer debt exceeding six figures with little cash reserves. The coronavirus pandemic has only fueled our uncertainties and fear.

    It doesn't have to be this way. Wealth is not only about making more money—it is about learning how to align and improve our brain's emotional and analytical functions. Wealth is about making more mindful money choices. But you also need a proven path to follow.

    In The Quest for Wealth, internationally acclaimed author James Langabeer shares his 6-step Mindful Money Management Model. With the right tools and practices, you have all you need to be financially independent. The financial decision strategies offered in this book will help you learn how to tame your brain and get on the road to wealth.

    James Langabeer, Ph.D., is a behavioral economist who coaches leaders on improving decision-making around wealth and health. With training in both decision sciences and finance, James' passion is to enhance prosperity and reduce wealth inequality for everyone.

    Table of Contents


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    Part I: Crossing the Bridge of Better Choices

    Chapter 1: Wealth

    Chapter 2: Making Better Financial Choices

    Chapter 3: Brain, Emotion, and Choice

    Chapter 4: Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty

    Part II: Navigating The Steps Toward Wealth

    Chapter 5: Step 1 - Get Motivated

    Chapter 6: Step 2 - Get Mindful

    Chapter 7: Step 3 - Get Rid (of Negative Money Habits)

    Chapter 8: Step 4 - Get Specific

    Chapter 9: Step 5 - Get Momentum

    Part III: Crossing the Bridge of Perseverance

    Chapter 10: Get Wealthy

    Chapter 11: Decision-Making Strategies

    Chapter 12. Mindful Money Practices


    About the Author

    Appendix A: Glossary of Key Terms

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    James Langabeer, PhD, MBA, ChFC© has served as a CEO, management consultant, university professor, and entrepreneur. He has earned national prominence with his research integrating behavioral science and decision making. As a financial advisor to numerous individuals and small businesses, Dr. Langabeer has helped people to navigate the stages of wealth management. He has published in over 100 academic journals, is the author of multiple books, and has been featured on multiple national news TV and radio networks. He earned his PhD in Business Administration from the University of Lancaster in England, an MBA from Baylor University, and received a post-graduate training in financial planning from Boston University. He also holds advanced financial designations as a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)® and Certified Management Accountant.

    "Financial success is not just about running numbers and making economic projections. This book breaks it down for you and points out how you can avoid decisions that hold you back from your financial goals. His advice is thoughtful and can help everyone from the beginner to the "high roller". Read this book!"

    Jeffrey Helton, Ph.D. – Professor, University of Colorado-Denver Business School

    "Dr. Langabeer has woven his decades of experience and insights as a former CEO, COO and academic into this important work on financial decision making. From a skilled professional, it is a must-read for those with a desire to enhance their financial decision-making abilities."

    Kip Becker, Ph.D.- Associate Professor Emeritus, Boston University