1st Edition

The Question of German Unification 1806-1996

By Imanuel Geiss Copyright 1992
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    The course of recent German history has been volatile. Events in Eastern Europe, the collapse of European Communism and German Re-Unification has brought issues of Germany's status into the arena of world politics. The Question of German Unification presents an introduction to the last two hundred years of German history and addresses questions raised by the status of Germany as a single or split national state.
    Imanuel Geiss:
    * argues that Germany has fluctuated all too frequently, and catastrophically, between being the power centre of Europe or a power vacuum
    * describes the special features of German history and looks at Germany within a European framework
    * analyses the political, economic and social aspects of German Nationalism as well as the impact of the collapse of Communism on Germany, through detailing long-term structures and processes
    * includes discussion of recent political events as well as a chronology and further reading.
    Imanuel Geiss reflects on the irrationalities of German history, surveys how they have been explained by historians, and provides a succinct and readable account of the complex issues involved.

    Introduction to English edition; Chapter 1 Conceptual and European framework; Chapter 2 From power vacuum to power centre; Chapter 3 Germany as a power centre; Chapter 4 Germany as a power vacuum; Chapter 5 United Germany since 1989/90;


    Imanuel Geiss is Emeritus Professor of history at Bremen University. His publications include 8 July 1914, The Pan-African Movement, Geschichte griffbereit, Geschichte im Überblick, Europa – Einheit und Vielfalt, Der Jugoslawienkrieg, Geschichte des Rassismus and Der Zerfall der Sowjetunion.,
    Fred Bridgham is the author of studies of Rilke, Kafka and Nietzsche, and of other essays on German history and culture. His most recent book is The Friendly German–English Dictionary (Libris, 1996). He translated Hans Werner Henze’s Der Prinz von Homburg for performance by English National Opera.

    [An] informative and enjoyable roller coaster ride through more than one thousand years of German history. - Political Geography