2nd Edition

The Racehorse A Veterinary Manual

By Piet Ramzan Copyright 2024
    498 Pages 355 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The Racehorse: A Veterinary Manual has become the definitive text for primary care of the Thoroughbred racehorse. Written by one of the world’s leading racehorse veterinary clinicians, it sets out best practice standards of diagnosis and management of all the major conditions likely to be encountered in racehorse clinical practice, as well as comprehensively reviewing subjects as diverse as pre-purchase assessment and exercise physiology. This second edition has been thoroughly updated and introduces new chapters on a range of topics including injury risk assessment and electrolyte and fluid therapy, expanded sections on nutrition, rehabilitation and sales radiography as well as an array of new images and ready reference charts.

    The Racehorse: A Veterinary Manual remains an invaluable resource for both clinicians and non-veterinarians in the racing industry.

    PART 1 Musculoskeletal injuries: basic principles

    CH 1 Musculoskeletal tissues

    CH 2 Exercise physiology and training

    CH 3 Racehorse injuries

    CH 4 Acute care and wound management

    CH 5 Rehabilitation and tissue repair

    PART 2 Regional musculoskeletal conditions

    CH 6 Appendicular conditions

    CH 7 Axial and miscellaneous conditions

    PART 3 Other body systems

    CH 8 Upper respiratory tract

    CH 9 Lower respiratory tract

    CH 10 Cardiovascular conditions

    CH 11 The head

    CH 12 Gastrointestinal conditions

    CH 13 Urogenital conditions

    CH 14 Neurological conditions

    CH 15 Skin conditions

    CH 16 Miscellaneous conditions

    CH 17 Infectious diseases

    PART 4 Management of the racehorse: Population and individual health

    CH 18 Selection of the racehorse

    CH 19 Injury prevention and screening

    CH 20 Poor performance

    CH 21 Herd health

    CH 22 Nutrition

    CH 23 Fluids and electrolytes

    CH 24 Blood analysis

    CH 25 Transport



    Piet Ramzan is one of the leading veterinary clinicians of his generation working in Thoroughbred practice. An upbringing riding Western performance horses in the Hunter Valley led to graduation from the University of Sydney Veterinary School in 1994, and following a season working as a stockman in the Kimberley region of Northern Australia he moved to the UK and entered veterinary practice. In 1998 he joined Rossdale and Partners, Europe’s largest equine practice, and commenced a distinguished career that encompasses first opinion work in Newmarket racing yards and pre-purchase consultancy across northern and southern hemispheres. He has a strong interest in advancing the science and practice of racehorse sports medicine and has drawn on busy clinical practice to inform academic research and drive innovation in many fields, publishing a large number of peer-reviewed papers and regularly contributing to scientific symposia and industry advisory boards. He is a previous recipient of BEVA’s Richard Hartley Clinical Award and in 2018 was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) for Meritorious Contributions to Clinical Practice.

    "The Racehorse: A Veterinary Manual is a must-have book for anyone involved with a racehorse. I would encourage all new graduates as well as veteran practitioners to read this book cover to cover. After nearly two decades as a racetrack veterinarian, I continue to reference it frequently. The additions in this second edition elevate an already outstanding resource."  

    - Ryan Carpenter, DVM, MS, DACVS, Equine Medical Center, USA