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The Real Situation in Russia (Routledge Revivals)

ISBN 9781138015272
Published July 13, 2015 by Routledge
394 Pages

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Book Description

The Real Situation in Russia, first published in 1928, contains three of Trotsky’s harshest rebuttals of Stalin’s takeover of the Russian Revolution following the death of Lenin. The first part contains a defence of the ‘Opposition Platform’ against the Stalinist denunciation; the second details Trotsky’s view of the precise nature of the Stalinist program, as well as its disastrous consequences for Russia; and the third demonstrates the unashamed falsification of the history by Stalin with regard to the beginning of the Revolution.

Including a sympathetic, but nonetheless astute, introduction to Trotsky’s argument by the translator, The Real Situation in Russia will prove to be of value to all students of twentieth-century Marxism, and in particular to those interested in the Russian Revolution – not only its origins and early development, but also, perhaps, the reasons for its ultimate failure.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Fear of Our Platform;  Part II: The Real Situation in Russia and the Tasks of the Communist Party 1. Introduction Max Eastman 2. The Situation of the Working-Class and the Trade-Unions 3. The Agrarian Question and the Socialist Construction 4. State Industry and the Building of Socialism 5. The Soviets 6. The National Question 7. The Party 8. The League of Communist Youth 9. Our International Situation and the War Danger 10. The Red Army and the Red Fleet 11. As to Real and Pretended Disagreements 12. Against Opportunism – For the Unity of the Party;  Part III: Stalin Falsifies History 1. The War and My Arrival in Petrograd 2. Raskolnikov’s Two Opinions 3. May to October, 1917 4. My Part in the October Revolution 5. ‘Lost’ Documents 6. The Two Opinions of Yaroslavsky 7. The Two Opinions of Olminsky and Lunacharsky 8. The Debates about Brest-Litovsk and the Trade-Unions 9. With Lenin in the International 10. Lenin and Trotsky on the Peasant Question 11. My Military Work 12. The Most Contemptible Lie of the Stalinists 13. The Blanket-Endorsement of Lenin 14. The Lie about Militarisation of Labour 15. My Solidarity with Lenin in the Industrial Work 16. After Lenin’s Illness 17. Government Planning 18. With Lenin against Stalin 19. With Lenin against Stalin, Rykov, Kalinin, and Bukharin 20. My Last Talk with Lenin 21. Lenin Broke Conclusively with Stalin 22. A Few Conclusions;  Supplements 1. The Testament of Lenin 2. The Last Words of Adolph Joffé 3. Stalin-Bukharin and the Chinese Revolution 4. A Comment of French Communists on the Situation in Russia 5. The Deportation of Trotsky 6. Appeal of the Russian Opposition to the Communist International

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