3rd Edition

The Recorder A Research and Information Guide

By Richard W. Griscom, David Lasocki Copyright 2012

    A Choice "Best Academic" book in its first edition, The Recorder remains an essential resource for anyone who wants to know about this instrument. This new edition is thoroughly redone, takes account of the publishing activity of the years since its first publication, and still follows the original organization.

    Preface Acknowledgments Advice on Obtaining Sources 1. General Bibliographies of Writings on the Recorder (and Bibliographic Essays) 2. General Surveys and Writings Covering Several Topics 3. Etymology, Terminology, Symbolism, and Literary References 4. Periods: Historical 5. Periods: Modern 6. Studies of Particular Sizes of Recorder 7. Art and Iconography 8. Humor, Fantasy, and Fiction 9. Instrument Makers and Instruments: Historical 10. Collections of Historical Instruments 11. Instrument Makers: Modern 12. Construction and Design 13. Acoustics and Other Scientific Studies by John Martin with Richard Griscom and David Lasocki 14. Instrument-Making and Manufacture 15. Choice of Instrument 16. Maintenance, Improvement, and Restoration 17. Historical Methods (Tutors) and Treatises 18. Performance Practices (Historical) 19. Technique and Performance (Modern) 20. New Techniques in Contemporary Recorder Music 21. Ensembles 22. Pedagogy and Study 23. Biographies: Historical 24. Biographies and Interviews: Modern 25. Bibliographies and Discographies of Recorder Music 26. Repertory: General 27. Repertory: Medieval and Renaissance 28. Repertory: Baroque, Classical, and Romantic 29. Repertory: Modern 30. Societies Appendix: Communications in the FoMRHI Quarterly Index


    Richard W. Griscom