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The Refiguration of Space

About the Series

Based on the premise that what is social always takes on a spatial form, this series explores the changes wrought in the relations of human-beings to spaces and their spatial practices by current social transformations, conflicts, crises and uncertainties. Welcoming studies from disciplines across the social sciences, such as sociology, geography and urban studies, books in the series consider the ways in which people (re-)negotiate and (re-)construct special orders according to a common pattern of ‘refiguration’, a process that often involves conflict and is frequently shaped by phenomena such as mediatization, translocalisation and polycontexturalisation.

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Spatial Transformations Kaleidoscopic Perspectives on the Refiguration of Spaces

Spatial Transformations: Kaleidoscopic Perspectives on the Refiguration of Spaces

1st Edition


Edited By Angela Million, Christian Haid, Ignacio Castillo Ulloa, Nina Baur
September 30, 2021

This book examines a variety of subjective spatial experiences and knowledge production practices in order to shed new light on the specifics of contemporary socio-spatial change, driven as it is by, inter alia, digitalization, transnationalization and migration. Considering the ways in which ...

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