1st Edition

The Religious Imagination in Modern and Contemporary Architecture
A Reader

ISBN 9780415780810
Published March 21, 2011 by Routledge
404 Pages 61 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This anthology collects, substaniates, and demonstrates the importance of the religious imagination within Western modern and contemporary architecture.

The essays written expressly for the anthology take a critical look at the relationship between religion and architecture in the twentieth century, as well as giving a brief look at the pre-history of the modern movement and its relationship to religion and architecture. These are grounded by and help to explicate the reprinted essays that are culled from the last one hundred years. 

This is an important introduction to the religious imagination in architectural thought of the last one hundred years, and to the interdisciplinary discourse that examines how different disciplines express abstract concepts such as faith, spirit, God and knowledge. It makes essential reading for any architect, aspiring or practising, delving deeper into the meaning of architectural practice.

Table of Contents

Forward  Preface  1. Introduction: The Apocryphal Project of Modern and Contemporary Architecture  2. Religion and Myth from the Official Address, 1980 Pritzker Prize for Architecture  3. When the Sacred Journey Ends: Protestant Thought and Meaning of Puritanical Modern Architecture  4. Excerpt from Modernity  5. Shiva, Luria, Khan  6. The Architecture of Hope: Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum  7. Excerpt from Kunst en Maatschappy  8. Revolution and Revelation: Luis Barragan’s Divergent Modernism  9. Notes from Volume Zero: Louis Kahn and the Language of God  10. Ecclesia  11. The Goddess Temple, Organon of the Infinite  12. Excerpts from The Woodland Cemetry: Toward a Spiritual Lanscape, Erik Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz 1915-1961  13. Excerpt from The Public, The Private and the Sacred  14. A Dwelling for Man within the Harmony of the Cosmos  15. Excerpt from Excellence: the Culture of Mies as Seen in his Notes and Books  16. Excerpt from The Sacred and the Modern Artist  17. Interview: A Mighty Fortress: Quinlan Terry and the Reformation of Architecture  18. Excerpts from Transcendental Renaissance in the Arts: 1980-1920  19. Explorations of Jewish Space: 1978-present  20. Spiritual Basis of Creativity  21. Excerpt from Architecture’s Destiny from Sanctuaries: The last Works of John Hejduk  22. Wallpaper and the Sweet Juice Bled  23. Step into Liquid: Rites, Transcendence, and Transgression in the Modern Construction of Sacred Space  24. JLM Lauweriks and KPC de Bazel: Architecture and Theosophy  25. Excerpt from The Architectural Metaphor  26. Excerpt from Rudolf Scwarz: Modern Churches in Modern Culture  27. Interview: Leon Krier’s Theology of Traditionalism  28. Formal, Informal and The Jewish Question  29. Claude Bragdon and American Theosophy  30. Excerpt from Frank Lloyd Wright: the Architect as Preacher  31. The Chapel of the Savior at IIT  32. Excerpt from Mies van der Rohe: An Appreciation on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday  33. Excerpt from a Speech 1938  34. Alchemical Themes in the Poem of the Right Angle  35. The Aura of the Sacred: Art, Architecture, and Existential Sacredness  36. Abstraction in Modern Architecture: The Gnostic Dimension  37. Eschatology  38. The Dark Side of Bauhaus  39. The Foundation from The Church Incarnate: The Sacred Function of Christian Architecture  40. Prayer for a House  41. Excerpt from Mein Weltbild  42. Nuclear Architecture or Fabulous Architecture, or Tragic Architecture or…  43. Purity  44. Architecture and Theology  45. Construction (De)Construction (Re)Construction: Architectural Antinomies and a (Re)newed Beginning  46. Excerpt from The Ideal of Holy Emptiness  47. Excerpt from the Polarities of Paradise in the Works of Frank Lloyd Wright  48. The Crystal Chain Letters  49. Cosmopolitan Architectures: Notes on Drawing  Glossary of Terms

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Renata Hejduk is an Associate Professor in The Design School at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University. Her research is focused on European and American avant-garde architecture and urbanism from around 1960 to the present and its development relative to the culture and philosophy of that period. Her work was most recently published in the interdisciplinary journal Culture and Religion, the Journal of Architecture, and Transportable Environments 3 (Routledge, 2006).

Jim Williamson is a Visiting Associate Professor in Architecture at Cornell University. He previously taught at Harvard University and the Georgia Institute of Technology and has been a Visiting Professor at numerous other institutions including Columbia University and the Cooper Union. He is co-editor and contributor of the forthcoming The Architecture of Disbelief and his work has been published in numerous books and journals including the recent Surrealism and Architecture (Routledge, 2005).