1st Edition

The Renaissance

By Jocelyn Hunt Copyright 1999

    The Renaissance presents the panorama of Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, exploring such themes as:

    • the origins and causes of humanism
    • Renaissance monarchies
    • the Reformation
    • geographical exploration
    • science
    • artistic movements.

    The book includes narrative introductions to each issue, views of major historians, interpretations, analysis and evaluation of primary sources.

    Introduction 1 The beginning of the Renaissance 2 Humanism 3 The influence of the Renaissance on monarchies and Governments 4 The links between the Renaissance and the Reformation 5 The links between the Renaissance and overseas Exploration 6 Scientific change in the Renaissance 7 The Northern Renaissance 8 Did the Renaissance change Europe?


    Jocelyn Hunt is a former History teacher at Watford Girls Grammar School.