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The Renfrew Language Scales

About the Series

Catherine Renfrew's three tests have been used for many years and provide a means of assessing children's speech and language. Presented in a simply and easy-to-use format, they stimulate children to give samples of spoken language that can be evaluated in terms of grammatical structures, sentence length and identifying information. Completely revised, these new editions contain line-drawn pictures, a manual and a photocopiable scoring form.

All tests are suitable for use with 3-8 year olds are norm referred to enable therapists to produce comparative results. Norms are given at six-monthly intervals for both the Action Picture Test and Word finding Vocabulary and monthly for the Bus Story Test.

3 Series Titles

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Action Picture Test

Action Picture Test

5th Edition

By Speechmark, Catherine Renfrew
September 27, 2019

*The Renfrew Action Picture Test cards are now available for free, to assist with online assessments and the ease of administrating the test, but in order to fully score the RAPT the pack will need to be purchased. You can find the downloadable cards under ‘Support Materials’ on the Routledge.com ...

Word Finding Vocabulary Test

Word Finding Vocabulary Test

1st Edition

By Catherine Renfrew, Polly Mitchell
September 15, 2015

The extent to which pictures, objects, arranged in order of difficulty, can be named correctly is assessed using this test. Most of the objects illustrated have no alternative name, so the responses of children can be quickly measured. Completely revised, this new edition contains 50 line-drawn ...

Bus Story Test Revised Edition

Bus Story Test: Revised Edition

1st Edition

By Catherine Renfrew
November 02, 2010

The age level of consecutive speech used in retelling a story can be assessed from the information content, sentence length and grammatical usage of this revised test. The test includes a coloured picture story book, a scoring form to photocopy and a manual, but also requires the use of audio ...

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