1st Edition

The Reorganization of Soviet Foreign Trade Legal Aspects

    Translated from the Russian. Edited and with a foreword by Serge L. Levitsky. A systematic and authoritative analysis of current Soviet legislation related to the organization and the mechanism of foreign economic relations under perestroika. Of particular interest to prospective partners in joint v

    This easy-to-use handbook is an essential resource for anyone who needs to write English correspondence for an international business audience. In an engaging, accessible style it integrates the theory and controversies of intercultural communication with the practical skills of writing and editing English for those who read it as a second language. The book emphasizes principles of simplicity and clarity, proper etiquette, cultural sensitivity, appropriate layout and typography, and more to increase the chances that a text prepared by a native English speaker will be better understood by a non-native speaker. It also updates traditional advice with new insights into "e-mail culture." Equally useful for students and professionals in business communication, marketing communication, and international business, The Elements of International English Style is filled with realistic examples, problems, and projects, including: 57 specific tactics to internationalize one's English; hundreds of before-and-after comparisons showing the effects of editing for an international audience; models of international correspondence; practical discussion questions and work projects; useful resources for further study, including books, articles, and websites.


    Professor M. M. Boguslavsky is a prominent Soviet jurist and an internationally recognized specialist in the fields of private international law, copyright and patent law, and legal-economic relations with other countries. He is the author of over 150 publications in these areas, and numerous of his books have been published outside the Soviet Union in English, German, Japanese, Spanish, and other languages. A holder of the degree of Doctor of Juridical Sciences, he currently occupies the position of Section Chief at the Institute of State and Law of the USSR Academy of Sciences., P. S. Smirnov is a high-ranking Soviet foreign trade official who has published extensively in the major Soviet scholarly and business journals. He is currently Deputy Chief of the Department of International Economic Organizations of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Trade, and he holds the degree of Candidate of Juridical Sciences., Serge L. Levitsky is one of the world's foremost specialists in the fields of international copyright law and legal issues of East-West trade. His publications in these areas number in the hundreds, among which are Introduction to Soviet Copyright Law (1964) and Copyright, Defamation, and Privacy in Soviet Civil Law (1979). Formerly Vice-President of Chase Manhattan Bank and Professor of Law at the New York Law School, Professor Levitsky currently serves as acting editor of the Review of Socialist Law, a quarterly published by the Documentation Office for East European Law of the University of Leyden, and editor of the quarterly Soviet Statutes and Decisions.