1st Edition

The Resurgence of East Asia 500, 150 and 50 Year Perspectives

Edited By Giovanni Arrighi, Takeshi Hamashita, Mark Selden Copyright 2003
    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    The East Asian expansion since the 1960s stands out as a global power shift with few historical precedents. The Resurgence of East Asia examines the rise of the region as one of the world's economic power centres from three temporal perspectives: 500 years, 150 years and 50 years, each denoting an epoch in regional and world history and providing a vantage point against which to assess contemporary developments.

    1. Tribute and Treaties: Maritime Asia and treaty port networks in the era of negotiation, 1800-1900 2. A Frontier View of Chineseness 3. The East Asian Path of Economic Development: A long-term perspective 4. Women's Work, Family and Economic Development in Europe and East Asia: Long-term trajectories and contemporary comparisons 5. The Importance of Commerce in the Organization of China's Late Imperial Economy 6. Japan, Technology and Asian Regionalism in Comparative Perspective 7. Historical Capitalism, East and West


    Giovanni Arrighi is professor of Sociology at The John Hopkins University, Baltimore. His latest books are The Long Twentieth Century: Money, Power and the Origins of Out Times (1994) and Chaos and Governance in the Modern World System (1999, with Beverly J Silver).

    Takeshi Hamashita is Professor of History at the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University and the Institute of Oriental Culture, Tokyo University. He is co-author of the six volume Japanese work, Maritime Asia (2001) and numerous works on the political economy of East Asia.

    Mark Selden is Professor of Sociology at Binghamton University and Professional Associate, East Asia Program, Cornell University. His recent books include, Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance (with Elizabeth J Perry) and Islands of Discontent: Okinawan Responses to Japanese and American Power (with Laura Hein).

    "This is an ambitious volume that brings together a group of distinguished historians, sinologists and sociologists...This volume is a valuable contribution to the important 'Great Divergence' debate especially by incorporating a much-needed regional perspective."--EH.Net, Feb 2005