1st Edition

The Rice-Wheat Cropping System of South Asia Efficient Production Management

By Palit Kataki, Suresh Chandra Babu Copyright 2001
    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The lives of more than a billion people depend on the answer!

    This valuable book surveys the problems of the rice-wheat cropping system practiced on the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP). Introduced at the time of the Green Revolution, it transformed agriculture and produced thirty years of bumper crops. The Rice-Wheat Cropping System of South Asia: Efficient Production Management offers scientific analysis of the aftereffects of this intense cropping.

    The Rice-Wheat Cropping System of South Asia: Efficient Production Management focuses on the questions of soil depletion, pest infestation, and soil alkalinity as elements of declining productivity. Along with clear charts, maps, and graphs, it provides practical suggestions for improving and maintaining the productivity of this irreplaceable farmland.

    The Rice-Wheat Cropping System of South Asia looks at the problems that have arisen for both the rice and wheat phases, including:

    • depletion of micronutrients
    • degradation of major nutrients from unbalanced fertilization practices
    • infestations of nematodes
    • increasing soil alkalinity as a result of irrigation

      It also suggests solutions for maintaining productivity, including:
    • integrated pest management
    • sustainable agriculture
    • micronutrient fertilizers

      This informative book and its companion volume, The Rice-Wheat Cropping System of South Asia: Trends, Constraints, Productivity and Policy, are essential planning tools for agronomists, policymakers, and agroeconomists. It is also a useful reference for anyone interested in the problems of famine and intensive cropping not only in South Asia but in the world.

    Contents <ul><li> Preface </li><li> Foreword </li><li> Tillage and Crop Establishment in South Asian Rice-Wheat Systems: Present Practices and Future Options </li><li> Efficient Management of Primary Nutrients in the Rice-Wheat System </li><li> Management of Soil Micronutrient Deficiencies in the Rice-Wheat Cropping System </li><li> Sterility in Wheat and Response of Field Crops to Applied Boron in the Indo-Gangetic Plains </li><li> Management of Insect, Disease, and Nematode Pests of Rice and Wheat in the Indo-Gangetic Plains </li><li> Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Rice-Wheat Based Cropping Systems in South Asia: Present Status and Future Research Thrust </li><li> Water Management in the Rice-Wheat Cropping Zone of Sindh, Pakistan: A Case Study </li><li> Use and Management of Poor Quality Waters for the Rice-Wheat Based Production System </li><li> Index </li><li> Reference Notes Included</ul></li>


    Palit Kataki (Author) ,  Suresh Chandra Babu (Author)