1st Edition

The Rise of British West Africa

By Claude George Copyright 1967
    468 Pages
    by Routledge

    478 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 1967. Herodotus claims that the earliest voyage for exploring Africa was made by an African, Pharaoh Necho in B.C. 600. This title sets out to assess this claim and explore the future explorations with reference to, arguably, the most memorable voyage by Hanno of Carthage in B.C. 450. George spans a range of sources going as far as 1827 to produce an extensive study on the rise of British West Africa.

    Introduction; Chapter 1a History of African Slavery; Chapter 1 Discovery and Description of Sierra Leone; Chapter 2 A French Invasion; Chapter 3 The Settlers’ Rising; Chapter 4 Events of 1800; Chapter 5 The Temne Risings; Chapter 6 The Bananas Islands; Chapter 7 The Sierra Leone Company; Chapter 8 Subsequent History of the Sierra Leone Company, 1791–1807; Chapter 9 Observations on the Preceding Chapter; Chapter 10 Fortifications of the Colony—Treaties and Conventions; Chapter 11 A Brief Sketch of the Constitution Down to 1807; Chapter 12 The African Institution, 1808–1827; Chapter 13 Commission of Inquiry into the State of the Settlement, 1810; Chapter 14 Some Important Events; Chapter 15 St. George’s Church; Chapter 17 Various Elements in the Population of the Colony; Chapter 18 Financial Condition of the Civil Establishment; Chapter 19 Disbandment of the Third and Fourth West India Regiments; Chapter 20 Table Allowance to Governor; Chapter 21 Postal Communication Between Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom; Chapter 22 Uniforms of Colonial Governors and Other Superior Officers of the Civil Establishment; Chapter 23 The Quaia and the Port Locco Expeditions; Chapter 24 Bance Island; Chapter 25 Appointment of Major-General Sir Neil Campbell; Chapter 26 Settlements on the Gambia; Chapter 27 The Settlements on the Gold Coast; Chapter 28 Report of Inquiry into the State of the Settlement, 1826; Chapter 29 The Villages or Liberated African Towns; Chapter 30 Agriculture; Chapter 31 Constitution and Government; Chapter 32 Education; Chapter 33 Religion; Chapter 34 The Climate of Sierra Leone;


    Claude George