1st Edition

The Rise of Management Consulting in Britain

By Michael Ferguson Copyright 2002
    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2002: The history of management consulting in Britain is a subject that has received little attention in the past in terms of research or publication. This work redresses the gap in the knowledge base of business and management history, presenting the historical situation in the context of management consulting. Identifying the beginnings of consultancy services in the mid-nineteenth century, Ferguson charts its progression through a series of time frames that span the twentieth century. Utilizing a series of consistent themes, such as service delivery forms and training, which can be compared and contrasted across time, the book provides not only a history of management consultancy services, but also shows how the take-up and form of services was heavily dependent upon the prevailing attitudes within business to the role of management. The thoroughly researched and well-presented arguments in this book will greatly add to our knowledge of British management during the twentieth century.

    Contents: Preface; The background to management consulting; The pioneers, 1869-1925; The beginning of organised consultancy, 1926-1933; New directions, 1929-1939; Wartime practices, 1939-1945; Improving productive performance; Management education and training: the consultancy approach; From efficiency engineering to strategy; Information technology and management consulting; The international and global aspects of management consultancy; A summary and review of management consultancy; Bibliography; Index.


    Michael Ferguson

    '... a valuable and comprehensive source of information on the history of management consultancy.' Business History '... a very full account...' Business Archives: Sources and History