1st Edition

The Rise of Modern Industry

By J.L. Hammond, Barbara Hammond Copyright 2006
    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    First Published in 2005. This book is written for the general reader and not for the specialist. It is an attempt to put the Industrial Revolution in its place in history, and to give an idea both of its significance and of the causes that determined the age and the society in which it began. The book is divided into three parts: in part one authors discuss the development of commerce before the Industrial Revolution; part two describes the changes in transport which preceded the railways, the dissolution of the peasant village, the destruction of custom in industry, and the free play that capital found in consequence. Part three examines the first social effects of the change from a peasant to an industrial civilization.

    Preface page v

    Introduction by R. M. Hartwel xv

    Note on Further Reading xxix

    Part I


    I From the Levant to the Atlantic 1

    II England as an Atlantic Power 24

    III The Effect of the Wars of Europe 38

    IV The New Prestige of Commerce 50

    Part II


    V The Revolution in Transport 66

    VI The Destrne Lion of the Peasant Village 81

    VII The Destruction of Custom in Industry 97

    VIII The Steam Engine 110

    IX The Revolution in Iron 131

    X The Revolution in Pottery 162

    XI The Revolution in Cotton 178

    Part III


    XII The Shadow of thee Slave Trade 190

    XIII The Curse of Midas 210

    XIV A World in Disorder 233

    XV The Beginnings of a New Society 245

    XVI The World Economic Crisis of the Twentieth Century 263

    Index 285


    J.L. Hammond