4th Edition

The Risings of the Luddites Chartists and Plug-Drawers

By Frank Peel Copyright 1968
    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    374 Pages
    by Routledge

    Published in 1968. Interest in the Luddite machine-breaking and food riots of 1812 which took place in the North and Midlands continues unabated.

    Peel was a pioneer local historian, collecting oral accounts from participants and old inhabitants, as well as studying the printed evidence carefully. In the introduction to the new edition, E.

    Chapter I John Wood’s Workshop Chapter II The Oath, Chapter III Bad Times, Chapter IV Spread of the Movement, Chapter V The Gathering at the Shears inn, Liversedge, Chapter VI Meeting of Luddites at the “St. Crispin,” Halifax, Chapter VII A Raid for Arms, Chapter VIII Lord Byron’s Speech, Chapter IX Preparing for Action, Chapter X The Attack on Cartwright’s Mill, Chapter XI The Wounded Luddites at the Star inn, Roberttown, Chapter XII The Two Deserters, Chapter XIII Flight of the Luddites: Local Reminiscences, Chapter XIV Attempt to Shoot Cartwright, Chapter XV Punishment of a Traitor. Mr. Horsfall, of Marsden, Chapter XVI A Deed of Blood, Chapter XVII Death of Horsfall: Flight of the Assassins, Chapter XVIII The Assassins Alarmed, Chapter XIX Murder of the Prime Minister, Chapter XX The Apprehension of Baines, the Halifax Luddite Leader, Chapter XXI The Arrest of Hartley and the Murderers of Horsfall, Chapter XXII A Narrow Escape, Chapter XXIII Trial of Horsfall’s Murderers, Chapter XXIV Continuation of the Trial of Horsfall’s Murderers, Chapter XXV Execution of Mellor, Thorpe, and Smith, Chapter XXVI Trials of the Halifax Luddites, also of William Hartley and Others, Chapter XXVII Trial of the Raw Folds Rioters, Chapter XXVIII Continuation of the Trial of the Rawfolds Rioters, Chapter XXIX Defence of the Rawfolds Rioters, Chapter XXX The Sentences, Chapter XXXI Execution of the Luddites, Chapter XXXII After the Bloody Assize, Chapter XXXIII Comforting Friends, Chapter XXXIV The Nottingham Captain, Chapter XXXV Oliyer, The Spy, Chapter XXXVI Peterloo, Chapter XXXVII The Rising at Grange Moor, Chapter XXXVIII Chartist Risings, Chapter XXXIX Chartist Risings, Chapter XL THE Plug Riots, Chapter XLI Last Struggles of Chartism.