1st Edition

The Role of Money What it Should Be, Contrasted with What it Has Become

By Frederick Soddy Copyright 2003
    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Role of Money examines the mystery of money in its social aspect and illustrates what money now is, what is does and what it should do. The standpoint from which the book is written is that of the public. The significance of the 'money-power' of the state to issue money has been recently recognized by historians. Its key position in shaping the course of world events is here explained.

    Included are:
    * Chapters on the philosophic background
    * The theory of money - Virtual Wealth
    * The Evolution of Modern Money
    * International Economic Relations
    * Debts and Debt Redemption

    Part 1 The Rôle of Money; Chapter I The Philosophical Background.—Ergosophy; Chapter II The Theory of Money.—Virtual Wealth; Chapter III The Evolution of Modern Money; Chapter IV Money as it Now is; Chapter V International Economic Relations.; Chapter VI Physical Requirements of a Money System; Chapter VII Debts and Debt-Redemption.; Chapter VIII The Practical Situation; Chapter IX Honesty The Best Monetary Policy;


    Frederick Soddy