1st Edition

The Role of Resources in Global Competition

By John Fahy Copyright 2001

    Dramatic changes are taking place in the world of international business as we move forward in the twenty first century. Increasing levels of international trade and foreign direct investment, the growth of huge multinational corporations, and the emergence of new centres of economic prosperity are all evident. Businesses are faced with the challenge of having to survive and succeed in this competitive environment.
    This book looks specifically at the question of how firms attain a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) in a global environment characterised by above average levels of geographic scope, marketing convergence and cross-national interdependencies.
    This work will be of essential interest to academics and researchers in the fields of international strategy and international business.

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Perspectives from International Business
    Chapter 3: The Resource-based View of the Firm (RBV)

    Chapter 4: Sustainable Competitive Advantage in a Global Environment
    Chapter 5: Competitive Advantage in the Global Automotive Components History
    Chapter 6: Conclusions


    John Fahy