1st Edition

The Role of Service in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality 2014 (SERVE 2014), Gran Melia, Jakarta, Indonesia, 23-24 August 2014

Edited By Ford Lumban Gaol, Fonny Hutagalung Copyright 2015

    This proceedings volume contains papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality (SERVE 2014), covering a wide range of topics in the fields of knowledge and service management, web intelligence, tourism and hospitality. This overview of current state of affairs and anticipated developments will be of interest to researchers, entrepreneurs and students alike.

    Residential preference towards physical environment in public low-cost housing
    N. Khair, H.M. Ali, N.H. Juhari & M. Awang
    The effectiveness of teaching and learning module to enhance preschool children’s Emotional Intelligence
    N.A. Akmal Rohaizad, A.M. Kosnin & M.U. Khan
    Contemporary research fronts for integrating Russia into global value chains
    N.M. Filimonova, R.N. Fedosova & B.I. Kheifits
    Key indicator for measurement shopping mall’s servicescapes
    N.H. Juhari, H.M. Ali, N. Khair & A. Mariah
    A comparative study of cognitive ability between Malaysia and Indonesia preschooler
    F. Hutagalung, N.A. Aziz & Z.M. Isa
    The effect of abacus mental arithmetic on children mathematic ability
    F. Hutagalung, S. Kamaruzaman & C.H. Leng
    Impact of tourists nationality towards visitation tendency
    A. Marzuki & D. Mohamad
    ISO 9001:2008 Implementation in higher education: Does it contributes to the student satisfaction?
    N.M.M.N. Azizaman, M.S.M. Ariff, N. Zakuan & K. Ismail
    The impact of Quality Management Practices on Communication Behavior amongst Malaysia Hajj Pilgrims: Survey result
    M.F. Ahmad, M.S.M. Ariff, N. Zakuan, S.S.S.A. Rahman, M.B.A. Latif & M.R. Khalid
    Conceptual and methodological issues in contextualizing applied psychology research: A Malaysian perspective
    R.A.M. Jaladin, P.L. Lau, H. Muhammad & F. Hutagalung
    Correlation between literacy and numeracy screening test and children cognitive level
    Y.S. Wei, F. Hutagalung & A.R. Zakaria
    The effects of animal themed lessons on alphabet knowledge among the indigenous preschoolers in Pulau Carey, Malaysia
    P. Jeyabalan & F. Hutagalung
    Prospect of physiotherapy profession and requirements for changes in high school curriculum
    A.R. Zakaria, M. Mohsin, F. Hutagalung & H. Baharun
    Indonesian and Russian public sector accounting education: Difficulties, challenges, and effectiveness
    A. Tatiana & I. Yuhertiana
    Managing Persons With Disabilities: In the context of employment right
    H.A. Wahab & Z.A. Ayub
    Islamic medical tourism providers in Malaysia: Challenges and opportunities
    S. Moghavvemi, S. Zailani, S.M. Ali & G. Musa
    Method of real estate evaluation for recreational purposes
    D. Bartoněk & S. Dermeková
    Algorithm for Travelling Salesman Problem
    D. Bartoněk
    The role of benefit and cost in acceptance Knowledge Management System: Knowledge contributor perspectives
    S. Assegaff & H. Mulyono
    Establishing Islamic medical tourism in Malaysia: Understanding the motivations and challenges
    S. Mohezar, S. Zailani & S. Moghavvemi
    The level of practices in a model of school financial management
    K. Ismail, N.M. Norwani, R. Yusof, M.A. Jusoh & M.S.M. Ariff
    Usage of low vision devices for low vision students in a special education school
    Umadevi, Z. Naimie, R.A. Abuzaid, S.H. Halili & S. Siraj
    The relationship between authoritative parenting style and academic achievement
    N.N.F. Hasyim, Z. Naimie, R.A. Abuzaid, S.H. Halili & S. Siraj
    Parental involvement in children education: Why does it make a difference?
    Eereka, Z. Naimie, R.A. Abuzaid, S.H. Halili & S. Siraj
    Enhancing pre-service TESL teachers’ and trainee counsellors’ collaborative reflective practice for professional development through blogs
    A. Asmawi & R.A.M. Jaladin
    A conceptual model of Risk Management Practices and organizational performance for Malaysia’s Research Universities
    M.S.M. Ariff, N. Zakuan, M.N.M. Tajudin & K. Ismail
    Technology for communities: Basis data management for RW Siaga
    T. Elida, B. Susanti & Fitrianingsih
    Design of multi-model ontology for library recommender system
    Hendrik & N.W. Rahayu
    Framework of the space utilization survey for Malaysian public Higher Education Institutions
    M.S.A. Rahman, H.M. Ali, I. Sipan & A.H. Mohammed
    Space utilization survey database for Higher Education Institutions
    M.S.A. Rahman, H.M. Ali, I. Sipan & A.H. Mohammed
    Identification of the supply chain relationship in supporting the development of agro-based resources creative industries in Indonesia
    S. Ratnaningtyas, E.R. Chaldun, W. Dhewanto & S. Herliana
    Exploring the role of religious motivation towards tourist satisfaction: A proposed Islamic tourism model from a Malaysian perspective
    A. Haque, Dzuljastri, A. Momen, A.B. Anwar & N. Hashim
    Exploring customer service experience equity on the customers’ behavioral intention in tourism industry
    N. Hashim, A. Haque & A.A.O.A. Wahab
    Youth social entrepreneurship development: A conceptual framework
    S. Herliana & Q. Aina
    Exploring the connection between knowledge sharing behavior and social network sites
    S.N.S.B. Dahari, M.Z.H.B.M. Sawal & A.S.A.B. Idris
    Librarian Knowledge Productivity Behaviour: A conceptual model
    S.N.S.B. Dahari, A.L.B.A. Rahman, M.Z.H.B.M. Sawal & Z.A.B.M. Tanuri
    Tourism development and planning in Malaysia: From national level to local authority level
    N. Hasliza, Md. Saad, S.N.A. Khalid & N.Z. Abidin
    SHICARO: Semi-supervised Hierarchical Clustering bAsed on Ranking features using Ontology
    R. Yangui, A. Nabli & F. Gargouri
    Opportunities and challenges of ICT cluster development in Indonesia: Triple helix approach
    S. Herliana


    Ford Lumban Gaol, Fonny Hutagalung