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The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars AD 363-628

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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

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    Late Antiquity was an eventful period on the eastern frontier of the Roman empire. From the failure of the Emperor Julian's invasion of Persia in 363 AD to the overwhelming victory of the Emperor Heraclius in 628, the Romans and Persians were engaged in almost constant conflict.
    This book, sequel to the volume covering the years 226-363 AD, provides translations of key texts on relations between the opposing sides, taken from a wide range of sources. Many have never before been available in a modern language, and all are fully set in context with expert commentary and extensive annotation. For more information please visit the author's supplementary website at http://aix1.uottawa.ca/~greatrex/ref.html

    1. The Peace of Jovian and its aftermath (636-399) 2. The evolution of the north-east frontier (363-399) 3. The Mesopotamian frontier in the fifth century 4. The northern frontier in the fifth century 5. The Anastasian War and its aftermath (502-525) 6. Justinian's First Persian War and the Eternal Peace (c.525-540) 7. Justinian's Second Persian War: the southern front (540-545) 8. . Justinian's Second Persian War: the northern front (540-562) 9. Justinian's Second Persian War: diplomatic relations (545-562) 10. The Peace of 562 and its demise (562-573) 11. The war under Tiberius (574-82) 12. The frontier in the reign of Maurice (582-602) 13. The Persian take-over of the Near East (602-622) 14. The Roman recovery under Heraclius (622-630) 15. The Khuzistan Chronicle (first part) 16. The evidence of epigraphy and the eastern frontier (363-630)


    Geoffrey Greatrex, Samuel N. C. Lieu

    'A major achievement ... this is an ambitious and learned project demonstrating impressive mastery of recent scholarship in a period for which source material is complex.'  - The Classical Review

    ‘The list of all the subjects upon which the book brings a quality bibliographic and scientific focus … surpasses the scope of this review, and only confirms the arrival, with this volume, of a very useful study tool.’ - An Tard, 11, 2003