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2nd Edition

The Roman Empire from Severus to Constantine

ISBN 9780415738088
Published May 12, 2015 by Routledge
520 Pages

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Book Description

The third century of the Roman Empire is a confused and sparsely documented period, punctuated by wars, victorious conquests and ignominious losses, and a recurring cycle of rebellions that saw several Emperors created and eliminated by the Roman armies. In AD 260 the Empire almost collapsed, and yet by the end of the third century the Roman world was brought back together and survived for another two hundred years. In this new edition of The Roman Empire from Severus to Constantine, Patricia Southern examines the anarchic era of the soldier Emperors that preceded the crisis of AD 260, and the reigns of underrated and sometimes maligned Emperors such as Gallienus, Probus and Aurelian, whose determination and hard work reunited and re-established the Empire. Their achievements laid the foundations for the absolutist, sacrosanct rule of Diocletian, honed to ruthless perfection by Constantine, whose reign transformed the pagan Empire into a Christian state.

The successes and failures of the rulers of the Roman world of the third century, and the role of the armies and the civilians, are re-assessed in this revised and expanded edition of The Roman Empire from Severus to Constantine, which incorporates the latest thinking of modern scholars and has been extended to cover the reign of Constantine and the foundations he laid on which the Christian empire was built. This is a crucial volume for students of this fascinating period in Roman history, and provides invaluable background for anyone interested in the "fall of Rome", the adoption of Christianity, and the establishment of the Byzantine Empire.

Table of Contents

1 The third century: the nature of the problem
2 Emperors and usurpers: 180–260
3 Schism and reunification: 260–84
4 A world geared for war: 284–306
5 Constantine: the Empire reshaped 306-337
6 Beyond the northern frontiers
7  Beyond the eastern frontiers
8  The Empire transformed

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Pat Southern studied Ancient History and Archaeology at the Universities of London and Newcastle upon Tyne. She is the author of numerous books on Roman history, including The Roman Cavalry (with Karen Dixon, Routledge 1997), The Late Roman Army (with Karen Dixon, Routledge 2000), Domitian – Tragic Tyrant (Routledge 1997) and Augustus (Routledge 1998, second edition 2014).