The Romans : An Introduction book cover
4th Edition

The Romans
An Introduction

ISBN 9781138543898
Published May 14, 2020 by Routledge
382 Pages 90 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Romans: An Introduction is a concise, readable and comprehensive survey of the Roman world, which explores 1,200 years of political, military and cultural history alongside religion, social pressures, literature, art and architecture.

This new edition includes updated and revised materials designed to develop analytical skills in literary and material evidence, evoking themes that resonate in both ancient and modern societies: fake news, class struggles, urbanization, concepts of race and gender, imperialism, constitutional power and religious intolerance. The fourth edition incorporates a number of new features and evolving fields:

  • A new chapter on provinces, provincial administration and acculturation in the Roman Empire.
  • An extended chapter on Christianity and Rome’s legacy with new case studies in the reception of Roman culture.
  • An extended chapter on Roman society and daily life, including recent scholarship on gender and race in the ancient world.
  • Integrated use of text and material evidence which is designed to develop analytical skills in critical source assessment.
  • The book’s successful Open Access website updated to include new case studies on emerging topics such as performance politics, religious syncretism, media sensationalism and cultural heritage.

Thoroughly updated and redeveloped, this new edition of The Romans will continue to serve as the definitive introduction to the life, history and culture of the Roman world, from its foundation to its significance to later civilizations.

Table of Contents

Caveat Lector! Reading Rome: A guide to using the ancient sources 

Companion Website 

General introductions and websites 

1. The Origins of Rome 

2. The Republic 510- 60 BC 

3. The Rise of The Roman Empire: 12 Caesars (60 BC-AD 96) 

4. The Roman Empire: The Zenith and Decline (AD 96- 330) 

5. Religion & Mythology 

6. Society & Daily Life 

7. Art, Architecture and Engineering 

8. Roman Literature 

9. The Roman Army 

10. Rome’s Provinces 

11. The Fall of Roman Empire & its Legacy. AD 330-Present

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Abigail Graham has been a Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Warwick and is currently a visiting fellow at the Institute for Classical Studies in London. She specializes in the epigraphy and monumentality of the ancient world, coordinating epigraphic training courses for the British School at Rome and the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents (Oxford). In addition to articles, book chapters and media appearances, she has published The Roman Empire: A Brief History (2008) and keeps a blog: CaveatLector:ReadingRome.


"The Romans provides an up to date introduction to all of Roman history, vividly illustrated from ancient texts and monuments. It is not just a history of Rome, but an instruction manual on how to do Roman history, packed with the latest research on the eternal city." - Greg Woolf, Director of the Institute for Classical Studies, UK

"Splendidly informative and written in a captivating style, Romans provides a first-rate introduction to Roman history, Roman society, and the Roman world. As the title suggests, The Romans never loses sight of the fact that it is people who make culture. The author not only illuminates her subject for the general reader, but is also alert to the challenge of interpreting ancient evidence, and in so doing does a service for the specialist. This book bridges the gap between 'them' and 'us' and offers a startlingly fresh vision of the ancient world. It also draws attention to ways in which Rome’s heritage is contested to this day. I know of no better way of discovering the Romans and their enduring place in the world than by reading and re-reading The Romans." - Professor Robert Garland, Colgate University, USA