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1st Edition

The Romantic Legacy of Paradise Lost Reading against the Grain

By Jonathon Shears Copyright 2009
    ISBN 9780367887971
    232 Pages
    Published December 12, 2019 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780754662532
    232 Pages
    Published April 28, 2009 by Routledge

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    The Romantic Legacy of Paradise Lost offers a new critical insight into the relationship between Milton and the Romantic poets. Beginning with a discussion of the role that seventeenth and eighteenth-century writers like Dryden, Johnson and Burke played in formulating the political and spiritual mythology that grew up around Milton, Shears devotes a chapter to each of the major Romantic poets, contextualizing their 'misreadings' of Milton within a range of historical, aesthetic, and theoretical contexts and discourses. By tackling the vexed issue of whether Paradise Lost by its nature makes available and encourages alternate readings or whether misreadings are imposed on the poem from without, Shears argues that the Romantic inclination towards fragmentation and a polysemous aesthetic leads to disrupted readings of Paradise Lost that obscure the theme, or warp the 'grain', of the poem. Shears concludes by examining the ways in which the legacy of Romantic misreading continues to shape critical responses to Milton's epic.

    Contents: The romantic legacy of Paradise Lost: an introduction; Milton in the 18th century; Blake; Wordsworth; Coleridge; Interchapter; exploring the metaphor; Byron; Shelley; Keats; Milton in the 20th century; Bibliography; Index.


    Jonathon Shears is a lecturer in English at Keele University, UK.

    'The Romantic Legacy of Paradise Lost provide[s] interesting and perceptive insights into the major male Romantic poets' aesthetic theory and practice. Shears also convincingly traces a tradition of reading Milton against the grain from the eighteenth century to the present.' Milton Quarterly '... this study is well worth reading and one whose value extends to students and scholars of Milton, Romanticism, and the long eighteenth century in general.' Seventeenth-Century News

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