1st Edition

The Rome that Did Not Fall The Survival of the East in the Fifth Century

By Gerard Friell, Stephen Williams Copyright 1999
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Rome that Did Not Fall provides a well-illustrated, comprehensive narrative and analysis of the Roman empire in the east, charting its remarkable growth and development which resulted in the distinct and enduring civilization of Byzantium. It considers:
    * the fourth century background
    * the invasions of Attila
    * the resources of the east
    * the struggle for stability
    * the achievements of Anastasius.

    Contents. List of Figures. Acknowledgements. Introduction.Part One: Separation 1. Crisis and Partition 2. The Fourth Century Background 3. Fortunes of East and West 4. The Western Warlords 5. A Changing StatePart Two: On The Defensive 6. The Shock of Attila 7. Resistance and RecoveryPart Three: The Resources 8. Military Developments, East and West 9. Imperial Wealth and Expenditure 10. Centralised Power 11. The God-Protected StatePart Four: The Struggle For Stability 12. Imperial Conflicts 13. Eastern Chaos, Western ExtinctionPart Five: Stability Attained 14. The Achivements of Anastasius 15. The Survival and Renewal of the EastAppendices. I. List of Emperors II. The Theodosian Dynasty References. Abbreviations and Bibliography. Index.


    Stephen Williams is a freelance writer and until recently was Head of Public Relations at English Heritage. Gerard Friell works for English Heritage as Inspector of Ancient Monuments with particular responsiblity for Hadrian's Wall. They are the authors of Theodosius: The Empire at Bay.

    "...this [text] remains a useful read for anyone interested in Late Antiquity." - the NYMAS Review