1st Edition

The Routledge Advanced Persian Course Farsi Shirin Ast 3

By Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi Copyright 2020
    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    184 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Advanced Persian Course: Farsi Shirin Ast 3 aims to help students of higher-level proficiency continue elevating their proficiency level to achieve near-native level. Key features include:

    • Authentic texts on a variety of topics related to Iran’s history, geography, arts, literature, culture, religions, society, and people.
    • Each lesson includes a prominent poet and their most representative poem familiarizing students with the Persian literary canon, while indirectly learning the higher order registers used in the language of poetry.
    • Lessons end with a Persian proverb and the story behind it, so that students will not only master the language but also the culture of the language and reach a near-native level of linguistic and cultural proficiency. The proverbs and some of the classical poetry are written in the calligraphy form to make students get used to reading handwritten texts resembling calligraphy.
    • Audio files are provided so that learners who are studying on their own can have access to correct pronunciations.

    This textbook continues the series from The Routledge Intermediate Course in Persian and is ideal for Advanced or B2-C1 level students of Persian.

    Lesson 1: Text: Football Poet: Nima Yushij | Lesson 2: Text: Darius the Great Poet: Forugh Farrokhzad | Lesson 3: Text: Marriage in Tribal Societies Poet: Fereydoon Moshiri | Lesson 4: Text: Marlik Hill Poet: Sohrab Sepehri | Lesson 5: Text: Tehran Poet: Simin Behbahani | Lesson 6: Text: Shirin and Farhad Poet: Nader Naderpour | Lesson 7: Text: Roads and Road Building Poet: Ahmad Shamlu | Lesson 8: Text: The Railroad Poet: Shahriar | Lesson 9: Text: Famines of Iran Poet: Rudaki | Lesson 10: Text: Natural Heritage of Iran Poet: Ferdowsi | Lesson 11: Text: The Bazaar Poet: Khayyam | Lesson 12: Text: Nakhl Gardani Poet: Attar | Lesson 13: Text: Encyclopedia Writing in Modern Iran Poet: Nezami Ganjavi | Lesson 14: Text: Seamanship in Ancient Iran Poet: Sa‘di | Lesson 15: Text: The Persian Gulf and the New Life of Islam Poet: Rumi | Lesson 16: Text: The History of Iranian Cinema Poet: Hafez | Lesson 17: Text: The Zoroastrians of Iran Poet: ‘Ubeid Zakani | Lesson 18: Text: Ferdowsi’s Book of Kings Poet: Sana’i | Lesson 19: Text: Iranians’ Clothing Poet: Jami | Lesson 20: Text: Symbolism in Persepolis Poet: Hatef Esfahani | Lesson 21: Text: Nouruz Poet: Amir Khosrow Dehlavi | Lesson 22: Text: Iran’s Ancient History Poet: Iraj Mirza | Lesson 23: Text: The Iranian Calendar and the History of Iran’s Ancient Festivals Poet: Feiz Kashani


    Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi is Senior Lecturer of Persian Language and Linguistics at McGill University. She holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Ottawa (2012) as well as a Ph.D. in applied linguistics from Tehran Azad University (2004).