2nd Edition

The Routledge Atlas of African American History

By Jonathan Earle Copyright 2022
    196 Pages 98 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    196 Pages 98 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its second edition, The Routledge Atlas of African American History traces the epic journey of African Americans’ four hundred years in North America.

    With more than 75 full-color maps, charts, and illustrations, this volume illuminates the myriad of contributions from Black Americans to the nation’s political, economic, cultural, and social history. Jonathan Earle begins the sweeping story with the African roots of Black America and moves through important developments such as the Underground Railroad, Emancipation and the Civil War, African Americas in the U.S. Armed Forces, the spread of Jim Crow Laws, and the long Civil Rights Movement. This updated edition also introduces new essays on Black Seminoles, the National Women’s Club Movement, Black political realignment and the rise of Barack Obama, and Black Lives Matter protests. Other diverse topics include:

    • The AME Church
    • Buffalo Soldiers
    • Historically Black colleges and universities
    • Black nationalism
    • Racial violence and white supremacy.

    Examining both the geographical and historical context of the African American experience, this book is an indispensable reference for students of American history and African American history, and anyone interested in the Black experience.

    0. Introduction  PART I: THE ROOTS OF BLACK AMERICA  1. The African Past  2. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, 1500-1800  3. The African Dispersion  4. Slavery in British North America, 1763-1755  5. Blacks in British North America, 1680-1840  6. Black Population on the Eve of the Revolution  PART II: TWO COMMUNITIES, SLAVE AND FREE  7. The First Emancipation  8. The Haitian Revolution  9. Free Blacks in the New Republic  10. Racism in the Antebellum North  11. The Cotton Kingdom  12. The Free Black Community  13. The Enslaved Community  14. Nat Turner’s Rebellion, 1831  15. Black Seminoles  PART III: TOWARDS FREEDOM  16. The Expansion of Slavery, 1819-57  17. Runaways, Kidnappings, and Abolitionists  18. Slavery and the Civil War  19. Reconstruction 1865-1877  20. Exodusters  PART IV: AFRICAN AMERICANS UNDER ARMS  21. Black Patriots and Loyalists  22. Black Men in Blue  23. Buffalo Soldiers  24. Imperial Wars, 1898-1902  25. World War I  26. World War II  27. Korea and Vietnam  28. Peacekeeping and the "Forever Wars"  PART V: SEPARATE AND UNEQUAL  29. Racial Violence and White Supremacy  30. Historically Black Colleges and Universities  31. The Spread of Jim Crow  32. The National Women’s Club Movement  33. The Great Migration  34. Marcus Garvey and the UNIA  35. The Negro Baseball Leagues  36. The Harlem Renaissance  PART VI THE STRUGGLE FOR FULL EQUALITY  37. Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott  38. African American Musical Traditions: Jazz, the Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, and Hip-Hop  39. Sit-ins and the Rise of SNCC  40. African Decolonization and Black Nationalism  41. Securing the Ballot  42. The Nation of Islam  43. Black Political Realignment: From Republican to Democrat and the Rise of Obama  44. The Black Lives Matter Movement


    Jonathan Earle is an award-winning historian of American politics, culture, and race relations. He is the author of Jacksonian Antislavery and the Politics of Free Soil; Bleeding Kansas, Bleeding Missouri: The Long Civil War on the Border; and John Brown’s Raid: A Brief History with Documents. He is currently dean of the LSU Ogden Honors College and is working on a book on the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.