1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to African Diaspora Art History

Edited By Eddie Chambers Copyright 2025
    540 Pages 139 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This is an authoritative companion that is global in scope, recognizing the presence of African Diaspora artists across the world. It is a bold and broad reframing of this neglected branch of art history, challenging dominant presumptions about the field.

     Diaspora pertains to the global scattering or dispersal of, in this instance, African peoples, as well as their patterns of movement from the mid twentieth  century onwards. Chapters in this book emphasize the importance of cross-fertilization, interconnectedness, and intersectionality in the framing of African Diaspora art history. The book stresses the complexities of artists born within, or living and working within, the African continent, alongside the complexities of Africa-born artists who have migrated to other parts of the world. The group of international contributors emphasizes and accentuates the interplay between, for example, Caribbean art and African Diaspora art, or Latin American art and African Diaspora art, or Black British art and African Diaspora art.

     The book will be of interest to scholars and students working in art history, the various branches of African studies, African American studies, African Diaspora studies, Caribbean studies, and Latin American studies.




    Routes and Roots of Global African Diaspora Art History


    1. Stuart Hall and the Framing of Diaspora

    Margaret T. Andrews


    2. Towards a History of LGBTQ+ Contemporary African Art

    Roderick Ferguson


    3. The Diasporic Dimensions of the Harlem Renaissance

    Anna Arabindan-Kesson


    4. To Risk the Sovereignty of Our Own Stories

    Yasmine Espert


    5. Édouard Glissant and the Framing of Diaspora

    Sam Coombes


    6. HERE and HERE: ÀSÌKÒ and Beyond

    Tamar Garb


    7. South Africa: Destination and Point of Origin

    Greer Valley


    8. From Post-Black to the Afropolitan: The Studio Museum’s ‘F-Shows’ and Discourses on Black Art

    Allison Young


    9. African and Afrodescendant Art Production in Latin America: Research Challenges and Possibilities

    Alejandro de la Fuente and Thomas B.F. Cummins


    10. The Global Africa Project: Diasporic Connections, Explorations, and Interactions

    Lowery Stokes Sims and Leslie King Hammond




    Routes and Roots of African Diaspora Art History in Europe


    11. “[T]heir own kind of light”: Black diasporic Consciousness in the Caribbean Artists Movement (1966-1972)

    Maryam Ohadi Hamadani


    12. A History of Black Diaspora Artists in Italy

    Tenley Bick


    13. Indivisible or Invisible: Contemporary Artists of African Descent and French Multiculturalism

    Monique Kerman


    14. A History of Black Diaspora Artists in Germany

    Ingrid von Rosenberg


    15. A Short History of Artists of African-descent in Scandinavia

    Monica L. Miller


    16. Contemporary African Art and Artists in Belgium

    Hugo DeBlock


    17. A History of Black Diaspora Artists in Scotland

    Catherine Spencer


    18. A History of Black Diaspora Artists in Spain

    Carmen Fracchia


    19. Transforming the Facade: Black American Artists at the US Pavilion of the Venice Biennale, 1930–2022 

    Jessi DiTillio


    20. East African, South Asian, British Artists

    Alice Correia



    Hemispheric Dimensions of African Diaspora Art History


    21. Cartographies of Kinship in the Caribbean Festival of Arts

    Adrienne Rooney


    22. Where Caribbean Art Ends and Latin American Art Begins

    Tatiana Flores


    23. Art Biennales in Africa and the Making of African Diaspora Art History: Perspectives from the Dak’Art Biennale

    Ugochukwu-Smooth C. Nzewi


    24. Visualizing Historical and Contemporary African Diasporas: A Perspective from the Dakar Biennial

    Sabrina Moura


    25. Drawing Cuba into African Diaspora Art History

    Paul Niell


    26. Thinking Together: The Maghreb and African Diaspora Art History

    Emma Chubb


    27. Deconstructing the Archival Impulse in Contemporary Maghrebi Diasporic Praxis

    Nancy Demerdash


    28. Absented Presence: Canadian Dimensions of African Diasporic Art History

    Pamela Edmonds


    29. Afro-Brazilian Art in Transit: Abdias do Nascimento’s Visual-Arts Work from Rio de Janeiro to New York City

    Abigail Lapin Dardashti


    30. Curating African/Black Atlantic Art: Dimensions in Black Art and Introspectives: Contemporary Art by Americans and Brazilians of African Descent

    Henry John Drewal



    African Diaspora Art History: Scholars at Work: Art Historians, Museum & Gallery Curators, Pedagogy, and Archives


    31. Claiming space: the Caribbean’s (counter-)Curatorial Interventions

    Veerle Poupeye


    32. X as Intersection: AfroLatinX Art

    Adriana Zavala


    33. Celebrations of Diaspora: The work of FESTAC ‘77

    Lindsay Twa


    34. Went Looking for Africa”: Carrie Mae Weems, Kehinde Wiley, and

    Artistic Travels in Africa

    Daniel Haxall


    35. Un-doing Belonging: Mobilising African Diaspora Art in the Art History Classroom

    Deniz Sözen


    36. Being Seen: An Art History of the Blackness of Technology

    Megan Driscoll


    37. Image Made Flesh: Black Representation, Material Archives and Contemporary Desire 

    Erica Moiah James


    38. Edson Chagas’ Photographic Realism

    Serubiri Moses


    39. Glitter and Grit: Michèle Pearson Clarke’s Black Queer Unreason

    Joana Joachim


    40. Pedagogical Challenges, Pedagogical Approaches - Contemporary Art from Africa and its Diaspora: the analytical tools

    Bolaji Campbell


    Postscript: Diaspora Writ Large: María Magdalena Campos-Pons, Julie Mehretu, and Wangechi Mutu

    Uchenna Itam


    Eddie Chambers holds the David Bruton, Jr. Centennial Professorship in Art History in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin