1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature

Edited By Rachel Lee Copyright 2014
    538 Pages
    by Routledge

    538 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature offers a general introduction as well as a range of critical approaches to this important and expanding field. Divided into three sections, the volume:

    • Introduces "keywords" connecting the theories, themes and methodologies distinctive to Asian American Literature
    • Addresses historical periods, geographies and literary identities
    • Looks at different genre, form and interdisciplinarity

    With 41 essays from scholars in the field this collection is a comprehensive guide to a significant area of literary study for students and teachers of Ethnic American, Asian diasporic and Pacific Islander Literature.

    Contributors: Christine Bacareza Balance, Victor Bascara, Leslie Bow, Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson, Tina Chen, Anne Anlin Cheng, Mark Chiang, Patricia P. Chu, Robert Diaz, Pin-chia Feng, Tara Fickle, Donald Goellnicht, Helena Grice, Eric Hayot, Tamara C. Ho, Hsuan L. Hsu, Mark C. Jerng, Laura Hyun Yi Kang, Daniel Y. Kim, Jodi Kim, James Kyung-Jin Lee, Rachel C. Lee, Jinqi Ling, Colleen Lye, Sean Metzger, Susette Min, Susan Y. Najita, Viet Thanh Nguyen, erin KhuĂȘ Ninh, Eve Oishi, Josephine Nock-Hee Park, Steven Salaita, Shu-mei Shi, Rajini Srikanth, Brian Kim Stefans, Erin Suzuki, Theresa Tensuan, Cynthia Tolentino, Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu, Eleanor Ty, Traise Yamamoto, Timothy Yu.

    Introduction, Rachel C. Lee  Part 1: Keywords  1. Adoptee, Mark Jerng  2. Aesthetics, Susette Min  3. Affective Labor/Family/Filialty, Erin Ninh  4. Agency/Asiancy, Tina Chen  5. Biopolitics, Rachel Lee  6. Coolie, Eric Hayot  7. Cultural Capital, Mark Chiang  8. Empire, Victor Bascara  9. Fashion, Thuy Tu  10. Fetish, Leslie Bow  11. I-Hotel, Eve Oishi  12. Imprisonment/ Internment/Detention, Joshua Chambers-Letson  13. Militarization, Jodi Kim  14. Oceania, Susan Najita  15. Sexuality, Robert Diaz  Part 2: Geographies, Literary Ethnoscapes, and Historical Periods  16. 19th Century Orientalism, Hsuan Hsu  17. Arab American literature, Steven Salaita  18. Asian American 1960s, Colleen Lye  19. Asian Canadian, Eleanor Ty  20. Burmese American Literature, Tamara Ho  21. East Asian Approaches to Asian American Literary Studies, Pin-chia Feng  22. Equatorial Archipelagoes, Cynthia Tolentino  23. European Asian American Literary Studies, Helena Grice  24. Korean War Fiction, Daniel Kim  25. Late [Global] Capital, Laura Hyun Yi Kang  26. Modernism, Anne Cheng  27. Sinophone American literature, Shu-mei Shi  28. Subcontinent, Rajini Srinkanth  29. Transpacific, Erin Suzuki  30. Viet Nam, Viet Nguyen  Part 3: Genre, Form, (Inter)Disciplinarity  31. Asian American Autobiography, Traise Yamamoto  32. Avant-garde, Timothy Yu  33. Bildung, Patricia Chu  34. Comics, Theresa Tensuan  35. Narrative and Gaming, Tara Fickle  36. New Media, Brian Kim Stefans  37. Pathography/Illness Narratives, James Kyung-Jin Lee  38. Performance, Sean Metzger  39. Poetry, Josephine Park  40. Song, Orality, and Pop, Christine Balance  41. Speculative Fictions, Jinqi Ling


    Rachel C. Lee is Associate Professor of English and Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Women at UCLA, USA. Her research focuses on Asian American literature and performance, theories of gender and sexuality, and science and technology studies. She is the author of The Exquisite Corpse of Asian America: Biopolitics, Biosociality, and Posthuman Ecologies (2014), The Americas of Asian American Literature: Gendered Fictions of Nation and Transnation (1999), and lead editor of the volume Asian America.Net: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Cyberspace (2003).