1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Australian Literature

Edited By Jessica Gildersleeve Copyright 2021
    470 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    470 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In recent years, Australian literature has experienced a revival of interest both domestically and internationally. The increasing prominence of work by writers like Christos Tsiolkas, heightened through television and film adaptation, as well as the award of major international prizes to writers like Richard Flanagan, and the development of new, high-profile prizes like the Stella Prize, have all reinvigorated interest in Australian literature both at home and abroad. This Companion emerges as a part of that reinvigoration, considering anew the history and development of Australian literature and its key themes, as well as tracing the transition of the field through those critical debates. It considers works of Australian literature on their own terms, as well as positioning them in their critical and historical context and their ethical and interactive position in the public and private spheres. With an emphasis on literature’s responsibilities, this book claims Australian literary studies as a field uniquely positioned to expose the ways in which literature engages with, produces and is produced by its context, provoking a critical re-evaluation of the concept of the relationship between national literatures, cultures, and histories, and the social function of literary texts.

    Introduction Australian Literature, Companionship, and Viral Responsibility

    Jessica Gildersleeve

    Section A: Literature in the Colony

    Chapter 1 Expressing a New Civilisation: Authorship, Publishing and Reading in the 1890s

    Roger Osborne

    Chapter 2 The Redemption of the Larrikin at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

    Michelle J Smith

    Chapter 3 The Metropolis or the Bush?

    Megan Brown

    Chapter 4 The Weeping Kangaroo

    Ken Gelder and Rachael Weaver

    Section B: Early Twentieth-Century Australia

    Chapter 5 The Reflective Moment: Modernity in Early Twentieth-Century Australia

    Susan Carson

    Chapter 6 Among the Autumn Authors: Books and Writers in Interwar Australian Magazines

    Sarah Galletly and Victoria Kuttainen

    Chapter 7 ‘Caterpillars of the Commonwealth’: Dangerous Books in Australia

    Francesca Rendle-Short

    Chapter 8 ‘Mad, Muddy, Mess of Eels’: Modern Theatre and Patrick White’s Sensuous Dramaturgy

    Janet McDonald

    Section C: Contemporary Australia

    Chapter 9 ‘Are You With Me?’ Offensiveness and Australian Drama in the 1970s

    Julian Meyrick and Jenny Fewster

    Chapter 10 Around 1988: Australian Literature, History and the Bicentenary

    Eduardo Marks de Marques

    Chapter 11 Politics and Contemporary Australian Fiction

    Nicholas Birns

    Chapter 12 Towards a New Direction in Contemporary Criticism: Cognitive Australian Literary Studies

    Jean-François Vernay

    Section D: Australian Literary Studies in the Public Sphere

    Chapter 13 Literary Criticism in Australia

    Emmett Stinson

    Chapter 14 Obstetric Realism and Sacred Cows: Women Writers and Book Reviewing in Australia

    Melinda Harvey and Julieanne Lamond

    Chapter 15 Literary Prizes and the Public Sphere

    Alexandra Dane

    Chapter 16 Literary Media Entertainment: Author Stardom and the Public (Media) Sphere

    Della Robinson

    Chapter 17 Australian Literature in the University

    Leigh Dale

    Chapter 18 An Australian Ethics of Reading?

    Maggie Nolan

    Section E: Australian Literature and the World

    Chapter 19 News from Australia: Global Modernism Studies and the Case of Australian Modernism

    Melinda J Cooper

    Chapter 20 Hijabi-Bodies and Sartorial Strategies

    Devaleena Das

    Chapter 21 Australian Literature in Asia: China and India

    David Carter and Paul Sharrad

    Chapter 22 Australian Writing about Asia

    David Walker

    Section F: Key Themes in Australian Writing

    Chapter 23 Turning the Inside Out: Interiority and Australian Fiction

    Peter D Mathews

    Chapter 24 Gendering Australian Literature

    Alison Bartlett

    Chapter 25 ‘Silence is My Habitat’: Judith Wright, Writing, and Deafness

    Jessica White

    Chapter 26 Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australian Literature

    Daniel Hourigan

    Chapter 27 Into the Urban Labyrinth: Helen Garner and the Drug Narrative

    Nycole Prowse

    Chapter 28 ‘Something New at Hand’: Australian Literature and the Sacred

    Lyn McCredden

    Chapter 29 Animal Representative Presence: Problems and Potential in Recent Australian Fiction

    Clare Archer-Lean

    Chapter 30 Landscape (After Mabo)

    Tony Hughes-d’Aeth

    Chapter 31 ‘The Extraordinary Behind the Ordinary’: A Brief History of Australian Suburban Literature

    Nathanael O’Reilly

    Chapter 32 Australian Literature and Everyday Life

    Andrew McCann

    Chapter 33 Emblematic Spaces: Postcoloniality and the Region

    Stephanie Green

    Section G: Genre in Australian Literary Studies

    Chapter 34 Twenty-First-Century Australian Poetry

    Sarah Holland-Batt and Ella Jeffery

    Chapter 35 Life Writing and Conflict: Love Wins

    Kylie Cardell and Kate Douglas

    Chapter 36 Reluctant Wandering: New Mobilities in Contemporary Australian Travel Writing

    Kate Cantrell

    Chapter 37 Australia’s Long Relationship with Romance

    Tanya Dalziell

    Chapter 38 Magical Migrations: Australian Fairy Tale Traditions and Practices

    Nike Sulway

    Chapter 39 Shadows in Paradise: Australian Gothic

    Gina Wisker

    Chapter 40 Australian Television and Literary Criticism

    Susan Lever

    Chapter 41 Screen Adaptation and Australian Literature

    Karina Aveyard


    Jessica Gildersleeve is Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Southern Queensland.