1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Business Journalism

Edited By Joseph Weber, Richard S. Dunham Copyright 2024
    518 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to Business Journalism provides a complete and critical survey of the field of business and economic journalism.

    Beginning by exploring crucial questions of the moment, the volume goes on to address such topics as the history of the field; differentiation among business journalism outlets; issues and forces that shape news coverage; globalism; personal finance issues; and professional concerns for practicing business journalists. Critical perspectives are introduced, including: gender and diversity matters on the business news desk and in business news coverage; the quality of coverage, and its ideological impact and framework; the effect of the internet on coverage; differences in approaches around the world; ethical issues; and education among journalists. Contributions are drawn from around the world and include work by leading names in the industry, as well as accomplished and rising-star academics.

    This book is an essential companion to advanced scholars and researchers of business and financial journalism as well as those with overlapping interests in communications, economics, and sociology.



    List of Contributors                                                                                              



    Joseph Weber                                                                                       


    Part One: Hot Topics


    Chapter One: Pandora Papers: An Insider’s View of Cross-Border Collaboration                    Dean Starkman                                                                                      


    Chapter Two: Shining a Light on Tax Avoidance: How the Panama Papers Created Salience in a World Crowded with Good Causes

    Alexandre Gonçalves, Anya Schiffrin and Shant Fabricatorian         


    Chapter Three: No Longer a Boy’s Club

    Kristin Gilger and Sophie Knowles                                                       


    Chapter Four: A Unicorn Ignored: The Case for Business News Coverage of the U.S. Latino Market

    Claudia Cruz                                                                                            


    Chapter Five: Political Bias in Business and General Media

    Colin H. Campbell                                                                                    


    Chapter Six: Politics and the Business Media

    Paul Glader                                                                                                              


    Part Two: From Backwater to Front Page


    Chapter Seven: The Historical Evolution of Economic, Business and Financial Journalism

    Ángel Arrese                                                                                             


    Chapter Eight: Raking It In: How the Muckrakers Spurred on Business Journalism

    Chris Roush                                                                                              


    Chapter Nine: “Pray for the Dead, and Fight Like Hell for the Living.”

    Alecia Swasy                                                                                            


    Chapter Ten: Siding against Labor in the Last Great American Union Town: Coverage of the 1984 Casino Workers Strike by The Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun

    Mark A. Bernhardt                                                                                   


    Chapter Eleven: The Cover Curse

    Sara Silver                                                                                                 


    Chapter Twelve: The “Big Three” (Fortune, Forbes and BusinessWeek): A Study in Competition

    Alan Deutschman                                                                                     


    Chapter Thirteen: How Business Books Became Bestsellers

    Alan Deutschman                                                                                      


    Chapter Fourteen: A History of Art Business Journalism

    Alexandra Bregman                                                                                   


    Part Three: Setting Themselves Apart


    Chapter Fifteen: Television Business News: Growth and New Audiences in an Evolving Industry

    Ceci Rodgers                                                                                               


    Chapter Sixteen: The Sound of Business Journalism: How the Field Thrives on Audio Platforms

    Jill Martin and Kaci Richter                                                                      


    Chapter Seventeen: The Net Broadened the Base: How Technology Expanded Audiences for Business News

    Jake Batsell                                                                                                


    Chapter Eighteen: Trade Journalism: Underappreciated and Often Prescient

    Rob Wells                                                                                                   


    Chapter Nineteen: Kiplinger’s Changing Times: A Case Study in the Evolution of Personal Finance Journalism

    Rob Wells                                                                                                   


    Chapter Twenty: Starting Fresh: Entrepreneurism and Business Journalism

    Alyson Martin                                                                                         


    Part Four: The Political Economy of Business Journalism


    Chapter Twenty-One: But is it Sustainable? Exploring Journalists’ Coverage of Sustainable Finance

    Nadine Strauß                                                                                           


    Chapter Twenty-Two: The Capital, Quality Signals and Legitimacy of Awards in Business Journalism

    Melony Shemberger                                                                                 


    Chapter Twenty-Three: Business Journalism and Public Relations: A Delicate Dance

    Hai L. Tran and Matthew W. Ragas                                                     


    Chapter Twenty-Four: Boosterism: A Test of Commitment

    Dan Trigoboff                                                                                          


    Chapter Twenty-Five: The Journalist and the Trader

    Stephen Kurczy                                                                                       


    Chapter Twenty-Six: Shareholder Activism and the Business Media

    Desiree J. Hanford                                                                                  



    Chapter Twenty-Seven: Following the Money, Not the Ball: Towards a Redefinition of Sports Business Coverage

    Jose Luis Rojas Torrijos                                                                         


    Part Five: Globally Speaking


    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Vive la Différence? Business Journalism in its Global Uniformity and Variety

    Ángel Arrese                                                                                             


    Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Emergence of Economic Journalism in the U.K. in the 1970s and the Triumph of Neo-Liberalism

    Steve Schifferes                                                                                       


    Chapter Thirty: Business Journalism in China

    Jeffrey Timmermans                                                                             


    Chapter Thirty-One: Entrepreneurial Business Journalism in Spanish-speaking Countries

    Alfonso Vara-Miguel and James Breiner                                              


    Chapter Thirty-Two: Business Journalism in Ghana: How The B&FT Has Evolved Over Three Decades

    Theodora Dame Adjin-Tettey                                                                


    Chapter Thirty-Three: Missing the Big Picture: Journalists in Sierra Leone provided incomplete coverage of the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war

    Ibrahim Seaga Shaw                                                                              


    Part Six: Economics


    Chapter Thirty-Four: Brexit and Murdoch – A Marriage Made in Hell

    Ivor Gaber                                                                                               


    Chapter Thirty-Five: Calamities Unforeseen

    Joe Mathewson                                                                                       


    Chapter Thirty-Six: The Media and Economics: Still an Unmet Challenge

    David R. Davies                                                                                      


    Chapter Thirty-Seven: Black, Brown and Thriving: Redefining Economic Podcasting

    Ashia Aubrey and Kelli S. Boling                                                          


    Part Seven: On the Move


    Chapter Thirty-Eight: Business Journalists on the Move: Transitioning Out of the Trenches

    Ron Culp                                                                                                 


    Chapter Thirty-Nine: Going Academic: Issues and Topics for Business Journalists Who Move into Higher Education

    Melony Shemberger                                                                               


    Part Eight: The Future


    Chapter Forty: The Looming Spread of Business News Deserts: An Outlook for Business Journalism

    Henrik Müller                                                                                       


    Concluding thoughts                                                                       

    Richard S. Dunham           






    Joseph Weber is the Jerry and Karla Huse Professor Emeritus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. He spent 22 years reporting and writing for BusinessWeek, serving in various bureaus and leaving as Chief of Correspondents.

    Richard S. Dunham is co-director of the Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. He is a past president of the National Press Club and the National Press Club Journalism Institute.