1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Death and Dying

Edited By Christopher Moreman Copyright 2018
    612 Pages
    by Routledge

    612 Pages
    by Routledge

    Few issues apply universally to people as poignantly as death and dying. All religions address concerns with death from the handling of human remains, to defining death, to suggesting what happens after life. The Routledge Companion to Death and Dying provides readers with an overview of the study of death and dying. Questions of death, mortality, and more recently of end-of-life care, have long been important ones and scholars from a range of fields have approached the topic in a number of ways. Comprising over fifty-two chapters from a team of international contributors, the companion covers:

    • funerary and mourning practices;

    • concepts of the afterlife;

    • psychical issues associated with death and dying;

    • clinical and ethical issues;

    • philosophical issues;

    • death and dying as represented in popular culture.

    This comprehensive collection of essays will bring together perspectives from fields as diverse as history, philosophy, literature, psychology, archaeology and religious studies, while including various religious traditions, including established religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism as well as new or less widely known traditions such as the Spiritualist Movement, the Church of Latter Day Saints, and Raëlianism. The Routledge Companion to Death and Dying is essential reading for students and researchers in religious studies, philosophy and literature.

    List of Contributors

    Introduction – Christopher M. Moreman

    Section 1: Religious Approaches to Death and the Afterlife

    1. Catholic Views of the Afterlife – Diana Walsh Pasulka

    2. Protestant Views of the Afterlife – Mark S. Sweetnam

    3. Mormon Views of the Afterlife – Daniel Belnap

    4. Christian Funerary Traditions – Thomas G. Long

    5. Jewish Views of the Afterlife – Dan Cohn-Sherbok

    6. Jewish Funeral and Mourning Practices – Vanessa L. Ochs

    7. Muslim Views of the Afterlife – David Cook

    8. Funerary Culture in Islam – Amila Buturovic

    9. Zoroastrian Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – Almut Hintze

    10. Sikh Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – Arvind-Pal S. Mandair

    11. Hindu Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – T. S. Rukmani

    12. Jaina Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – Peter Flügel

    13. Theravāda Buddhist Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – Rachelle M. Scott

    14. Tibetan Buddhist Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – Matthew T. Kapstein

    15. Shinto and Death: From Cultural Roots to Contemporary Thought – Stuart D. B. Picken

    16. Early Chinese Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – Mu-chou Poo

    17. Contemporary Daoist Afterlife Beliefs and Funerary Practices – Adeline Herrou

    18. North American Indigenous Afterlife Beliefs – Joseph A. P. Wilson

    19. African Afterlife Beliefs – Zayin Cabot

    20. Overcoming Death in New Religious Movements – Susan J. Palmer

    21. Afterlife Beliefs in the Spiritualist Movement – Walter Meyer zu Erpen

    22. Death and the Afterlife in the Raëlian Religion – Erik A. W. Östling & James R. Lewis

    Section 2: General Beliefs and Practices

    23. Heavens and Hells – Eileen Gardiner

    24. Reincarnation – James A. Santucci

    25. Mysticism – Thomas Quartier

    26. The American Cemetery – Albert N. Hamscher

    27. Cremation – Douglas J. Davies

    28. Mummification – Heather Gill-Frerking

    29. Digital Memorial – Candi K. Cann

    Section 3: Liminal States and Liminal Beings

    30. Near-Death Experiences – Gregory Shushan

    31. Past-life Memories – Jim B. Tucker

    32. Ghosts – Owen Davies

    33. Angels – John Charles Arnold & Tony Walter

    34. The Undead: Vampires and Zombies – John Edgar Browning

    35. Animals – Barbara R. Ambros & Laura Hobgood

    36. Organ Donation and Spirit Possession – Lesley A. Sharp

    Section 4: On Dying

    37. Defining Medical Death – James L. Bernat

    38. The Death Awareness Movement – Lucy Bregman

    39. Conceptual Approaches to Understanding the Dying Process – Kenneth J. Doka

    40. The Cross-Cultural Study of Grief – Dennis Klass

    41. A "Good Death" in Hospice Palliative Care – Harold Coward & Elizabeth Causton

    42. Assisted Dying – Paul Badham

    Section 5: Additional Ethical Considerations

    43. Suicide: Psychopathology, Existential Choice, or Religious/Cultural Influences – Mark M. Leach & Frederick T. L. Leong

    44. Martyrdom – Paul Middleton

    45. The Psychology of Mass Murder and Serial Killing – Katherine Ramsland

    46. Abortion – Daniel C. Maguire

    47. Intellectual Disability and the End of Life


    Christopher M. Moreman is Associate Professor and Department Chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies at California State University, East Bay, USA.

    A remarkably impressive collection of various points of view on death and afterlife. The joining of conventional religious worldviews with the latest research coming out of psychical science - including the near-death experience, children’s reincarnational memories, and ghosts the world over - is especially noteworthy. A professor teaching a course on death couldn’t do better than selecting this as his or her one and only text for the course. Stafford Betty, California State University, USA.