1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations

Edited By Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes Copyright 2015
    538 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    538 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations synthesizes and extends existing research on ethics in organizations by explicitly focusing on ‘ethico-politics’ - where ethics informs political action. It draws connections between ethics and politics in and around organizations and the workplace, examines cutting-edge areas and sets the scene for future research.

    Through a wealth of international and multidisciplinary contributions this volume considers the broad range of ways in which ethics and politics can be conceived and understood. The chapters look at various ethical traditions, as well as the discursive deployment of ethical terminology in organizational settings, and they also examine large scale political structures and processes and how they relate to different forms of politics which affect behaviour in organizations. These many possibilities are united by a focus on how ethics can be used to inform and justify the exercise of power in organizations.

    This collection will be a valuable reference source for students and researchers across the disciplines of organizational studies, ethics and politics.

    1. Introduction: The Inseparability of Ethics and Politics in Organizations (Alison Pullen and Carl Rhodes)  Part I: Ethics and Corporate Power  2. Instrumental and Political Currents in the CSR Debate: On the Demise and (Possible) Resurgence of ‘Ethics’ (Steen Vallentin)  3. ‘Between Coercion and Brainwashing’: Theorizing the Politics and Ethics of Marketing (Amanda Earley and Mike Saren)  4. Re-Ethicizing Corporate Greening? Ecofeminism, Activism And The Ethics Of Care (Mary Phillips)  5. The Oppressed Organize Against Mega-Mining in Famatina, Argentina: Enrique Dussel’s Ethics of Liberation (Ceci Misoczky and Steffen Böhm)  6. Marketing an Extremist Ideology: the Vlaams Belang’s Nationalist Discourse (Mona Moufahim and Michael Humphreys)  Part II: Postcolonial, Globalized and Cosmopolitan Ethics  7. Positioning the Plural Ethos of Cosmopolitanism in Global Organizations (Maddy Janssens and Chris Steyaert)  8. The Politics and Ethics of Difference in Organisations: Pathways To The Same That Is Impossible (Robert Westwood)  9. On The Burden of Being-Qua-Non-Being: In-Between the Lines of (Working-Class) Writings (Dhammika Jayawardena)  10. 'Black International Business' - Critical Issues and Ethical Dilemmas (Sharif As-Saber And George Cairns)  11. Cultural Encounters with Sporting Organisation: Ethico-Politics At The Interface Of Indigenous Culture And Organisation (Tim Butcher and Barry Judd)  Part III: Ethics, Politics and the Functioning of Business  12. Accounting, Ethics and Organization: Accounting for Human Rights in a Post-Sovereign World? (Ken McPhail)  13. Decision-Making: Between Reason And The Ethico-Political Moment (Paul Edward and Hugh Willmott)  14. Leadership, Ethical Sovereignty and the Politics of Property (Edward Wray-Bliss)  15. Tracing and Theorizing Ethics in Entrepreneurship: Toward a Critical Hermeneutics of Imagination (Pascal Dey and Chris Staeyert)  16. 'Who Said We're Flogging a Dead Horse?': Re-Framing Ethics and the Supply Chain (Matthew Higgins and Nick Ellis)  Part IV: Ethico-Political Practice in Organizations  17. Ethico-Politics of Diversity and Its Production (Pasi Ahonen and Janne Tienari)  18. Work as God’s Playtime? The Theology of Organizational Play (Bent Meier Sørensen and Sverre Spoelstre)  19. Whistleblowing Paradoxes: Legislative Protection and Corporate Counter Resistance (Hilary Monk, David Knights and Margaret Page)  20. Care as Politics: Ethics as Violence (Robert McMurray)  21. A Critical Analysis of Ethics Management Practices (Mollie Painter-Morland)  Part V: Ethics, Resistance and Struggle  22. Is Becoming-Woman Possible in Organizations? (Alison Pullen and Carl Rhodes)  23. Resisting the Power of Organizational Resistance (Peter Bloom)  24. Work and Illness Under Neoliberal Capitalism: How to Use Your Virus as a Weapon of Refusal (Peter Fleming)  25. A Cultural Politics of Work: Resistance and Escape in the Culture of Organizing (Martin Parker)  26. On The Impossibility of Business Ethics – Leadership, Heterogeneity and Politics (Gerard Hanlon and Matteo Mandarini)  Part VI: Difference, Ethics and Organizations  27. Monstrous Ethics (Torkild Thanem and Louise Wallenberg)  28. Towards a Queer Politics and Ethics within Organization Studies (Nick Rumens and Melissa Tyler)  29. Pragmatic Storytelling, Ethics, and Politics of Late Modern Capitalist Enterprises (David Boje and Rohny Saylors)  30. Working The Grey Zones: Feminist Ethics, Organisational Politics (Sheena Vachhani)  31. An Ethics of Difference: The Contribution of Bracha Ettinger to Management and Organization Studies (Kate Kenny and Marianna Fotaki)


    Alison Pullen is Professor of Management and Organization at Macquarie University, Australia

    Carl Rhodes is Professor of Management and Organization Macquarie University, Australia

    ‘Broad in scope and deep in insight, this collection goes well beyond mainstream ideas about ethics and organization to articulate an ethico-politics of organization. Thus it is a major contribution not just to organization studies but to contemporary political debate.’ - Christopher Grey, Professor of Organization Studies, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

    ‘All decisions in organizations, economic and political, strategic and operational, have moral premises and consequences that can be morally evaluated. This Routledge Companion consists of texts that make this statement forcefully and apply it to a great variety of organizing processes.’ - Barbara Czarniawska, Professor of Management Studies, Gothenburg Research Institute at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

    'This book provides a rich and incisive analysis of ethics and politics in organizations. Thoughtful, critical, and offering a diversity of theoretical perspectives, it will be an invaluable resource for researchers who are looking for novel insights into the field of organizational ethics.’ - Bobby Banerjee, Professor of Management, City University London, UK

    ‘Ethics in organization is a complex, elusive concept. This volume generates research and theory that draws new connections between ethics and politics in and around global organizations and workplaces. It orchestrates various ‘voices’ that describe how ethics becomes actualized in managerial practices, in business functioning and in different forms of resistance and opposition to organizations.’ - Silvia Gherardi, Professor, Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy