1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Happiness at Work

Edited By Joan Marques Copyright 2021

    An unprecedented and important reference work, this research companion covers a range of aspects of happiness, an aim everyone aspires to achieve, yet can be easily overlooked in today’s demanding and multi-challenged world, or confused with a plethora of quantifiable or career goals.

    This book helps readers to internalize happiness, form a healthy opinion about this emotion, and detach it from external factors that can only cause temporary discomfort or delight. A group of expert authors considers happiness within three critical realms: internally, interactively, and work-related. Their thoughtful contributions approach happiness from a multiplicity of angles, and present a full spectrum of backgrounds and perspectives to consider, based on a wide range of circumstances, personal and professional.

    This companion will be valuable for researchers, students, and coaches, whether they seek input for future theory development, or motivation for performance in personal and professional life.

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    Chapter 1. Internalizing Happiness: At Work and Anywhere Else

    Joan Marques

    Chapter 2. Using Signature Strengths to increase Happiness at Work

    Nicola S. Schutte and John M. Malouff

    Chapter 3. Happiness on Your Own Terms: A Photovoice Method on Happiness Research and Intervention

    Sunny Jeong and Orneita Burton

    Chapter 4. Being Happy in Spite of Setbacks

    Wanda Krause

    Chapter 5. Intrinsic Motivation as a Driver of Happiness

    Sunita Singh Sengupta

    Chapter 6. Making Work a Happy Practice

    Thuc-Doan Nguyen

    Chapter 7. At the Intersection of Happiness and Contentment at Work

    Babar Dharani


    Chapter 8. Is There a Place for Happiness at Work?

    Dorota Jasielska

    Chapter 9. Finding Happiness at Work: Self-love, Self-awareness, Self-efficacy and Self-appreciation

    Juanita Coleman-Merritt

    Chapter 10. The Interactive Nature of Happiness at Work: What People Say About Work When They Talk About Life

    Ivo Ponocny

    Chapter 11. Soulful Work for Happy Employees

    Debra J. Dean

    Chapter 12. The Role of Gratitude and Mindfulness in Creating a Happier and More Productive Workplace

    Rhonda Swickert

    Chapter 13. Happy, Mindful, and Productive Workers

    Cristián Coo, Susana Llorens and Marisa Salanova

    Chapter 14. Religion as a Foundation for a Happy Life

    Tarshima Bell-Hackett, Sylvia W. Burgess and Karen Martin-Jones

    Chapter 15. Happiness at Work: A Christian Religious View

    Peter M. Lewa and Susan K. Lewa

    Chapter 16. Influence of Religion on Employees' Sense of Happiness

    Sarah M. Mutuku, Miriam M. Mutuku-Kioko and Paul S. Kioko

    Chapter 17. Happiness in Professional Work Formerly and Nowadays as Perceived by Women Aged 60 or Above. Analysis of Studies in Socio-philosophical Perspective

    Agnieszka Smrokowska-Reichmann and Edyta Janus

    Chapter 18. Elusive Happiness: Does Spirituality Matter?

    Thomas Anyanje Senaji and Victor Senaji Anyanje


    Chapter 19. Behind the Happiness Mask

    Lisa Linzbach and Ilona Suojanen

    Chapter 20. Nurturing Happiness Through Strengths Use

    Maria Christina Meyers, Philippe Dubreuil and Claudia Harzer

    Chapter 21. Cook, Click, Share, and Be Happy!: Eudaimonic Self-Presentation of Consumer Cooking Practices in Contemporary Technocultures

    Silvia Biraghi, Daniele Dalli and Rossella C. Gambetti

    Chapter 22. Aristotle’s Happiness Concept Applied at Work: Some Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence in Australia

    Roger John Hilton, Steve Perera and Bruce Carroll

    Chapter 23. Workplace Democracy and Emotional Well-being

    Elliott Kruse

    Chapter 24. Leveraging Social Responsibility for Worker Engagement: From Recruitment to Productivity, Satisfaction, Longevity, and Happiness

    Morgan R. Clevenger

    Chapter 25. Work and Happiness: An Economic Perspective

    Arie Sherman and Tal Shavit

    Chapter 26. Happiness and the Arts

    Theresa Billiot

    Chapter 27. Happiness and Adaptive Psychopathic Traits in the Workplace

    Guillaume Durand

    Chapter 28. Happiness at Work Under the Toxic Leadership of Corporate Psychopaths

    Clive Boddy

    Chapter 29. Time Management and Workplace Happiness

    Robert S. Fleming

    Chapter 30. Achieving Happiness at Work: Insights from Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

    Satinder Dhiman

    Chapter 31. Happiness at the Intersection of Acceptance and Ambition

    Joan Marques


    Joan Marques is Professor of Management and Dean of the School of Business, Woodbury University, USA. Her research focuses on workplace spirituality, ethics, and leadership. She has published extensively, including the books Business and Buddhism, Leadership, and Ethical Leadership, all published by Routledge.