1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Health Humanities

Edited By Paul Crawford, Brian Brown, Andrea Charise Copyright 2020
    492 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The health humanities is a rapidly rising field, advancing an inclusive, democratizing, activist, applied, critical, and culturally diverse approach to delivering health and well-being through the arts and humanities. It has generated new kinds of interdisciplinary research, knowledge, and communities of practice globally. It has also acted to bring greater coherence and political force to contributions across a range of related disciplines and traditions.

    In this volume, a formidable set of authors explore the history, current state, and future of the health humanities, in particular how its vision of the arts and humanities:

    • Promotes creative public health.
    • Opens new routes to health and well-being.
    • Informs and drives better health care.
    • Interrogates relationships between ill health and social equality.
    • Develops humanist theory in relation to health and social care practice.
    • Foregrounds cultural difference as a resource for positive change in society.
    • Tests the humanity of an increasingly globalized health-care system.
    • Looks to overcome structural and process obstacles to cross-disciplinary ventures.
    • Champions co-construction, co-design, and mutuality in solving health and well-being challenges.
    • Showcases less familiar, prominent, or celebrated creative practices.
    • Includes multiple perspectives on the value and health benefits of the arts and humanities not limited to or dominated by medicine.

    Divided into two main sections, the Companion looks at "Reflections and Critical Perspectives," offering current thinking and definitions within health humanities, and "Applications," comprising a wide selection of applied arts and humanities practices from comedy, writing, and dancing to yoga, cooking, and horticultural display.

    Introduction: Global Health Humanities and the Rise of Creative Public Health

    Paul Crawford


    1. The Health Humanities, Genealogies of Health Care, and the Consolation of Understanding: Towards a Critique of “Recovery” in Mental Health 

    Brian Brown

    2. On Applying the Arts and Humanities in Austere Times

    Andrea Charise

    3. Creative Practices in Challenging Places

    Emma Joyes and Charley Baker

    4. Visionary Medicine: Race, Health, Power, and Speculation

    Sayantani DasGupta

    5. Digital Life and Health Humanities

    Olivia Banner

    6. The Palimpsest: Black and Ethnic Minority Perspectives in Health Humanities

    Nehal El-Hadi

    7. Representations of Medical and Health Delivery Paradigms

    Phillip Barrish

    8. Post-Conflict Reconciliation and the Health Humanities: The Warrior Chorus Program

    Peter Meineck

    9. Comics and Graphic Medicine as a Third Space for the Health Humanities

    Susan M. Squier

    10. Medicine within Health Humanities

    Gail Allsopp

    11. A Health Humanities Sublime

    Bradley Lewis

    12. Visualizing within Health-Care Practice

    Colin Macduff

    13. The Health Humanities and the Creative Disciplines

    Victoria Tischler

    14. Co-Design as a Democratizing Force

    Alastair Macdonald

    15. Indigenous Health Humanities

    Allison Crawford, Lisa Boivin and Lisa Richardson

    16. Accessibility and Advocacy in Health Humanities

    Susan Levy

    17. The Role of the Imagination in the Practices of the Health Humanities

    Marina Tsaplina and Raymond Barfield

    18. Inventing Edward Jenner: Historicizing Anti-Vaccination

    Travis Chi Wing Lau

    19. Selling the De-Pharmaceuticalization of Insomnia: Semiotics, Drug Advertising, and the Social Life of Belsomra

    Lorenzo Servitje

    20. The Problem With "Burnout": Neoliberalisation, Biomedicine, and Other Soul Mates

    Shane Neilson

    21. Medical Poetics: Representing Global Health Humanities and the Case of 心

    Lan A. Li

    22. Creative Arts Adult Community Learning

    Lydia Lewis

    23. What Zombies Can Tell Us About Contemporary Health Care

    Steven Schlozman

    24. Finding the Subject in the Objectified: Problematizing the Dependence on Metrics for Patient Care in the United States

    Brenda Hall and Paul Kadetz

    25. Establishing, Promoting, and Growing the Health Humanities in Japan: A Review and a Vision for the Future

    Jeffrey Huffman and Mami Inoue

    26. Australia and New Zealand: A Circuitous Path to Health Humanities

    Olaf Werder and Kate Holland

    27. Imaginations of Health Humanities in African Contexts: The Development of Existing Critical Consciousness and Perspectives

    Ikem Ifeobu


    28. Intervention Theater

    Rick Iedema

    29. Gallery and Museum Visiting

    Javier Saavedra

    30. Poetry and Male Eating Disorders

    Heike Bartel and Charley Baker

    31. Photography

    Susan Hogan

    32. Fashion and Textiles

    Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith

    33. Classics

    Peter Meineck

    34. History

    Anna Greenwood

    35. Life-Writing

    Frances Cadd

    36. Reading

    Philip Davis and Josie Billington

    37. Dancing

    Sara Houston

    38. Masks

    Peter Meineck

    39. Puppetry

    Marina Tsaplina and Cariad Astles

    40. Drawing

    Curie Scott

    41. Papermaking

    Drew Luan Matott and Gretchen M. Miller

    42. Making Music

    Rosie Perkins, Daisy Fancourt and Aaron Williamon

    43. Shared Music Listening

    Claire Garabedian

    44. Clay Modeling

    Elaine Argyle

    45. Architecture

    Santiago Quesada-Garcia and Pablo Valero-Flores

    46. Digital Storytelling

    Carla Rice

    47. Heavy Metal Music

    Charley Baker and Alex Bishop

    48. Graphic Medicine

    MK Czwerwiec and Brian Callender

    49. Horticultural Arts

    Jonathan Coope

    50. Choirs and Singing

    Stephen Clift

    51. Ancient Texts

    Christina Lee

    52. Philosophy

    Havi Carel

    53. Capoeira

    Mel Jordan, Edward J. Wright and Aimie Purser

    54. Kundalina Yoga

    Elvira Perez and Emily Haslam-Jones

    55. Musical Composition and Vocal Expression

    Brian Abrams

    56. Storytelling

    Alan Bleakley, Mike Wilson and Jon Allard

    57. Applied Theatre

    Gretchen Case and Sydney Cheek-O’Donnell 

    58. Visual Arts

    Victoria Tischler

    59. Knitting

    Betsan Corkhill

    60. Therapeutic Filmmaking

    J. Lauren Johnson

    61. Cooking

    Danny George and Tomi D. Dreibelbis 

    62. Aesthetics of Space

    Hilary Moss

    63. Law

    Lydia Bracken

    64. Quilting

    Jacqueline M. Atkinson

    65. Sensory Design and Smart Textiles

    Jenny Tillotson


    Paul Crawford is Professor of Health Humanities in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, UK.

    Brian Brown is Professor of Health Communication at De Montfort University, UK.

    Andrea Charise is an Assistant Professor in the departments of English and Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada.

    "The book is a cornucopia of riches: a repository of perspectives and practices which provoke and inspire."

    Stephen Clift Professor Emeritus, Canterbury Christchurch University, United Kingdom