1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Inclusive Leadership

Edited By Joan Marques Copyright 2020
    404 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    402 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    An important reference work on a practice that is needed more than ever in a VUCA world, this book helps readers understand the importance of responsible and constructive practices and behavior in leadership.

    The broad approach to inclusive leadership presented in this volume highlights correlations between inclusive leadership and myriad issues, qualities, and circumstances that serve as foundations or impact factors on it. Some contributors review contemporary concepts and challenges such as change, innovation, the bottom line, sustainability, and performance excellence against inclusive leadership. Other contributors reflect on critical practices and qualities, such as trust, passion, ethics, spirituality, and empathy, and their relationships with inclusive leadership. A range of religious and spiritual influences are also evaluated in the context of inclusive leadership, such as (but not limited to) Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Christianity.

    Postgraduate students, instructors, and coaches will appreciate this comprehensive look at inclusive leadership, which has become an urgent concept to be internalized and practiced by all, regardless of positions, possessions, locations, or generations.

    PART I Stakeholder Considerations

    1 Inclusive Leadership, Diversity, and Wakefulness; 2 What Pepper Can’t Do (And Why We Should Care); 3 Leading as One: Inclusive Leadership Through Unity Consciousness and the Act of Oneness; 4 Inclusive Leadership: People, Engagement, and Performance;  5 Stakeholder Engagement as an Inclusive Practice; 6 Being Mindful of Change;  7 Fostering Inclusive Organizations Through Virtuous Leadership; 8 Inclusive Leadership and Emotional Intelligence;  9 Inclusive Leadership and Responsible Innovation: Toward a Contingency Perspective of Leader-Follower Dynamics in Work Integration Social Enterprises

    PART II Inclusive Intersections

    10 Including Everyone With Respectful Pluralism; 11 Everyday Leadership: How Can Anyone Be a Leader Every Day? Examples of Amish Leadership and Japanese Corporation Leadership Training;  12 Inclusive Leadership and Religion; 13 Vedantic Leadership; 14 Inclusive Leadership and Work-Life Balance;  15 An American Kaleidoscope: Rethinking Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Through the Prism of Gender and Race;  16 Diversity and Well-being: An Interactive Qualitative Perspective From India; 17 Transition from Diversity to Inclusion: Auditing the Pulse From an Indian Perspective; 18 Cross-Cultural Differences in Inclusive Leadership Perception and Application;

    PART III Inclusive Leadership Practices

    19 Awakened Leadership: A Roadmap to Inclusion and Morality; 20 Spiritual Leadership: Leading While Spiritual; 21 Inclusive Servant Leadership in the Context of the Christian Religion; 22 Inclusive Leadership and Soft Skills; 23 Creating Space for Transformation: Cultivating Containers for Inclusive Leadership Development;  24 From “I” to “We” Through “Female” Leadership: Bringing Inclusion and Inclusiveness to the Next Level;  25 Mahatma Gandhi’s Legacy of Values-Based Inclusive Leadership: Lessons to Transcend Religion, Caste, Gender, and Class in Today’s Workplace;  26 Are You Joking? Humor and Inclusive Leadership;  27 Humility, Compassion, and Inclusive Leadership;  28 Am I included? Lessons from Leadership Research in Africa and the African Diaspora; 29 Pathways to Inclusive Leadership and Flourishing Organizations: Creating Shared Ventures That Nurture Individual and Team Excellence;  30 Inclusive Leadership Development Through Participatory Inquiry: Cultivating Cultural Humility



    Joan Marques is Professor of Management and Dean of the School of Business, Woodbury University, USA. Her research focuses on workplace spirituality, ethics, and leadership. She has published extensively, including the books Business and Buddhism, Leadership, and Ethical Leadership, all published by Routledge.