The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq  book cover
1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq

Edited By

Mark Evans


Rick Kemp

ISBN 9781138818422
Published August 31, 2016 by Routledge
444 Pages

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Book Description

The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq presents a thorough overview and analysis of Jacques Lecoq's life, work and philosophy of theatre. Through an exemplary collection of specially commissioned chapters from leading writers, specialists and practitioners, it draws together writings and reflections on his pedagogy, his practice, and his influence on the wider theatrical environment. It is a comprehensive guide to the work and legacy of one of the major figures of Western theatre in the second half of the twentieth century. In a four-part structure over fifty chapters, the book examines:

  • The historical, artistic and social context out of which Lecoq's work and pedagogy arose, and its relation to such figures as Jacques Copeau, Antonin Artaud, Jean-Louis Barrault, and Dario Fo.

  • Core themes of Lecoq's International School of Theatre, such as movement, play, improvisation, masks, language, comedy, and tragedy, investigated by former teachers and graduates of the School.

  • The significance and value of his pedagogical approaches in the context of contemporary theatre practices.

  • The diaspora of performance practice from the School, from the perspective of many of the most prominent artists themselves.

This is an important and authoritative guide for anyone interested in Lecoq's work.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Geoffrey Rush

General Introduction

Mark Evans and Rick Kemp

Part I

Influences and Antecedents


Mark Evans


  1. The French Theatrical Avant Garde
  2. Nigel Ward (UK)

  3. Mime, ‘Mimes’ and Miming
  4. Vivian Appler (US)

  5. The Rediscovery of the Mask
  6. Gillian Arrighi (AUS)

  7. Jacques Lecoq and the Challenge of Modernist Theatre, 1945-1968
  8. Bruce McConachie (US)

  9. Jacques Lecoq and the Studio Tradition
  10. Tom Cornford (UK)

  11. Bachelard, Jousse and Lecoq
  12. Claudia Sachs (BRA)

  13. Space and Mimesis
  14. Jon Foley Sherman (US)

  15. Movement Made Visible: Marey and Lecoq
  16. Clare Brennan (UK)

  17. Literature, Lecoq and the ‘nouveau roman
  18. Pardis Dabashi (US)

  19. The Body Voice of Satire: Jacques Lecoq and Dario Fo
  20. Gloria Pastorino (US)


    Part II

    Inspirations and Evolutions


    Rick Kemp

  21. The Influence of Sports on Jacques Lecoq’s Actor Training
  22. Mark Evans (UK)

  23. What Works and What Doesn’t Work: On Play
  24. Paola Coletto (IT/US) and Jennifer Buckley (US)

  25. Neutral Mask - A Life’s Journey
  26. Dody DiSanto (US)

  27. The Mimo-dynamics of Music, Poetry, and Short Story: Lecoq on Bartók
  28. Jennie Gilrain (US)

  29. Full Face Masks, Pantomime Blanche and Cartoon Mime
  30. David Gaines (US)

  31. Commedia Dell’Arte and Comedie Humaine
  32. Giovanni Fusetti (IT)

  33. The Chorus
  34. Shona Morris (UK)

  35. Bouffons and the Grotesque
  36. Bim Mason (UK)

  37. Auto-cours, Enquetes, Commandes: A Practitioner’s Perspective
  38. Carlos García Estévez (ES)

  39. Lecoq's Clown and its Application to Playing Shakespeare's Clowns
  40. Sara Romersberger (US)

  41. Laboratory of Movement Study
  42. Ismael Scheffler (BRA)

    Part III

    Ricochets and reverberations


    Mark Evans

  43. Lecoq, Emotion and Embodied Cognition
  44. Rick Kemp (UK/US)

  45. The Juggernaut and the Pram: Lecoq and UK Actor Training
  46. Vladimir Mirodan (UK)

  47. Moving Medicine
  48. Suzy Willson (UK)

  49. British Movement Directors
  50. Ayse Tashkiran (UK)

  51. Contemporary Circus
  52. Mitch Mitchelson (UK)

  53. Lecoq Training and Asian Theatre Practice
  54. Maya Tångeberg-Grischin and Anna Thuring (SWE)

  55. Locating the Body in English Language Teaching
  56. Nikole Pascetta (CAN)

  57. Language and the Body
  58. Maiya Murphy (US)

  59. Lecoq and Shakespeare
  60. Darren Tunstall (UK)

  61. Le Jeu and the Journey of a People
  62. Susan Knutson (CAN) and Normand Godin (CAN)

  63. Lecoq and Architecture
  64. Laura Gioeni (IT)

  65. Dear Jacques... Lecoq in the Twenty First Century
  66. Simon Murray (UK)

    Part IV

    Voyages and Diaspora


    Rick Kemp

  67. Jacques Lecoq, Ariane Mnouchkine and le Théâtre du Soleil
  68. Helen Richardson (US)

  69. The Magic Flute and L’École Jacques Lecoq
  70. Simon McBurney (UK), William Kentridge (SA) and Catherine Alexander (UK)

  71. Lecoq and Complicite
  72. Richard Cuming (UK)

  73. Theatre Ad Infinitum and Jacques Lecoq
  74. Vanessa Ackerman (UK)

  75. Lecoq Practitioners in the UK
  76. Emily Kreider (UK)

  77. The Actor/Creator and Three American Ensembles
  78. Susan Thompson (US)

  79. Pig Iron: Disponibilité and Observation
  80. Quinn Bauriedel (US)

  81. The Toronto Connection
  82. Martin Julien (CAN)

  83. La Mancha Theatre Company and School - Chile
  84. Ellie Nixon (UK)

  85. From Paris to Cape Town: Lecoq and Magnet Theatre
  86. Jennie Reznek (SA) and Mark Fleishman (SA)

  87. Clown – Trial by Errors
  88. Rick Kemp (UK/US)

  89. Lecoq and Film

Mark Evans (UK)

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Mark Evans is Professor of Theatre Training and Education and Associate Dean (Student Experience) in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Coventry University. His research focuses on the work of Jacques Copeau, Jacques Lecoq and movement training for the modern actor. He recently edited The Actor Training Reader (Routledge, 2015) and is an Associate Editor of the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training journal.

Rick Kemp is Head of Acting and Directing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and the author of Embodied Acting (Routledge 2012). He has worked internationally as an actor and director with companies and theatres such as Commotion, Complicite, Almeida, Teatr Polski and the Bouffes du Nord.