The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography  book cover
1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography

Edited By

Dean Phillip Bell

ISBN 9781138193611
Published October 2, 2018 by Routledge
684 Pages

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Book Description

The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography provides an overview of Jewish history from the biblical to the contemporary period, while simultaneously placing Jewish history into conversation with the most central historiographical methods and issues and some of the core source materials used by scholars within the field.

The field of Jewish history is profitably interdisciplinary. Drawing from the historical methods and themes employed in the study of various periods and geographical regions as well as from academic fields outside of history, it utilizes a broad range of source materials produced by Jews and non-Jews. It grapples with many issues that were core to Jewish life, culture, community, and identity in the past, while reflecting and addressing contemporary concerns and perspectives. Divided into four parts, this volume examines how Jewish history has engaged with and developed more general historiographical methods and considerations. Part I provides a general overview of Jewish history, while Parts II and III respectively address the rich sources and methodologies used to study Jewish history.

Concluding in Part IV with a timeline, glossary, and index to help frame and connect the history, sources, and methodologies presented throughout, The Routledge Companion to Jewish History and Historiography is the perfect volume for anyone interested in Jewish history.

Table of Contents

List of Figures Acknowledgements Contributors Introduction Part I: Jewish Histories 1 The Biblical Period: Society, Culture, and Demographics Leonard J. Greenspoon 2 The Age of the Bible and Ancient Near East: Intellectual developments and Highlights Jacqueline Vayntrub 3 Comparative Topics and Emerging Trends in Biblical Studies Anne Knafl 4 Society, Culture, and Demography of the Jews and Judaism in Late Antiquity Gary G. Porton 5 Politics and Economics in the Rabbinic Period Gary G. Porton 6 The Rabbinic Period: Intellectual Developments and Highlights Gary G. Porton 7 The Rabbinic Period: Comparative Topics and Emerging Trends Gary G. Porton 8 The Middle Ages: Society, Culture, Demography Katja Vehlow 9 The Middle Ages: Economics and Politics Katja Vehlow 10 Medieval Intellectual Developments and Highlights Katja Vehlow 11 Middle Ages: Comparative Topics and Emerging Trends Katja Vehlow 12 Jewish Demography, Society, and Community in the Early Modern Period  Dean Phillip Bell 13 Early Modern Economics and Politics Dean Phillip Bell 14 Early Modern Religious and Intellectual Developments Dean Phillip Bell 15 Early Modern Comparative Topics and Emerging Trends Dean Phillip Bell 16 Modernity: Intellectual Developments and Highlights Alan Levenson 17 Modern Jewish Society, Politics, and Culture Dean Phillip Bell 18 Emerging and Comparative Trends in Modern Jewish History: Beyond Exceptionalism Michal Rose Friedman 19 Contemporary Jewish Demography, Society, and Culture: Secularization and its Discontents Ellen LeVee 20 A New Moment in Time: The Unraveling of the Contemporary Jewish Civic Enterprise—Contexts and Comparisons Steven Windmueller 21 Contemporary Jewish Politics and Historiography: The Case of the BDS Movement Ellen Cannon Part II: Sources for Jewish History 22 Archaeology, Papyri, Inscriptions Mary E. Buck 23 Visual Arts and Jewish Historiography Jodi Kornfeld 24 Material Culture Laura Leibman 25 Rabbinic Writings Vernon H. Kurtz 26 The Sources of Jewish Philosophy Aaron W. Hughes 27 Polemics and Apologetics Katja Vehlow 28 Geniza Records Benjamin Outhwaite 29 Inquisition Records Dean Phillip Bell 30 Non-Jewish Records Dean Phillip Bell 31 Literature as a Source of Jewish History Ross Brann 32 Sermons Vernon H. Kurtz 33 Correspondence and Letters Asher Salah 34 Autobiographies and Memoirs Tali Berner 35 Memorybooks Joshua Shanes 36 Jewish Press and Periodicals Joshua Shanes Part III: Historiography 37 Social and Cultural History Dean Phillip Bell 38 Sociology and Demography in Modern Jewish History: Towards a Unified History Amos Morris-Reich 39 Women’s and Gender Studies: Historiographical Trends Judith R. Baskin 40 Historical Materialism and Marxist History Leonid Grinin 41 Economic History Mark Koyama 42 Jewish Politics: History and Historiographical Implications Simon Rabinovitch 43 Zionism and New Israeli History Rachel Fish 44 Jewish History, Intellectual History, and the History of Ideas Carsten Schapkow 45 Postmodernism, Jewish History, and Jewish Historiography Dean Phillip Bell 46 Communications and Media History Yoel Cohen 47 Oral History: The Case of Holocaust Survivor Testimonies Elliot Lefkovitz 48 Public History and Jewish History Dean Phillip Bell Part IV: Resources Timeline Glossary Index

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Dean Phillip Bell is President/CEO and Professor of Jewish History at the Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership in Chicago. His publications include Sacred Communities: Jewish and Christian Identities in Fifteenth-Century Germany (2001) and Jewish Identity in Early Modern Germany: Memory, Power and Identity (2007).


"By providing interested readers with an extensive and well-sourced guide to the basics of Jewish history and historiography, Bell and the authors have made a welcome contribution to the literature." - Joshua Blachorsky, Reading Religion