1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to John Wesley

Edited By Clive Murray Norris, Joseph W. Cunningham Copyright 2024
    556 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to John Wesley provides an overview of the work and ideas of one of the principal founders of Methodism, John Wesley (1703-91). Wesley remains highly influential, especially within the worldwide Methodist movement of some eighty million people. As a preacher and religious reformer his efforts led to the rise of a global Protestant movement, but the wide-ranging topics addressed in his writings also suggest a mind steeped in the intellectual developments of the North Atlantic, early modern world. His numerous publications cover not only theology but ethics, history, aesthetics, politics, human rights, health and wellbeing, cosmology and ecology. This volume places Wesley within his eighteenth-century context, analyzes his contribution to thought across his multiple interests, and assesses his continuing relevance today. It contains essays by an international team of scholars, drawn from within the Methodist tradition and beyond. This is a valuable reference particularly for scholars of Methodist Studies, theology, church history and religious history.

    1. Introduction
    2. Joseph W. Cunningham and Clive Murray Norris and

      PART I: Historical Context

    3. Eighteenth-Century Britain: Politics, Society, Religion, and the Enlightenment
    4. William Gibson

    5. The Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
    6. David Ceri Jones

    7. Wesley’s Education and Early Spiritual Formation
    8. Joseph Wood

      PART II: Wesley’s Major Works

    9. Wesley’s Publishing Strategy
    10. Isabel Rivers

    11. Journals
    12. Michael Mascuch

    13. Sermons
    14. Françoise Deconinck-Brossard

    15. A Christian Library
    16. Jeffrey Galbraith

    17. Explanatory Notes Upon the New Testament
    18. Sarah Heaner Lancaster

    19. 1780 Collection of Hymns
    20. Martin V. Clarke

    21. Primitive Physic
    22. Randy L. Maddox

    23. Compendium of Natural Philosophy
    24. Joseph W. Cunningham

    25. 1784 Sunday Service
    26. Karen B. Westerfield Tucker

    27. The Three Tune Collections
    28. S T Kimbrough, Jr

      PART III: Wesley’s Thinking

      PART IIIA: Principles of Wesley's Thinking

    29. Theology
    30. Jason E. Vickers

    31. Metaphysics
    32. Derek A. Michaud

    33. Epistemology
    34. Barry E. Bryant

    35. Applications to Psychology and Psychotherapy
    36. Brad D. Strawn

    37. Ethics
    38. Sondra Wheeler

    39. Social and Political Thought
    40. Ryan Nicholas Danker

      PART IIIB: Humankind in Society

    41. Race, Enslavement and Othering
    42. Julius Kithinji

    43. Gender, Sexuality and Marriage
    44. Maureen Knudsen Langdoc

    45. Education and Children
    46. Linda A. Ryan

    47. Money and Business
    48. Clive Murray Norris

    49. War
    50. Andrew Pickering

    51. Poetry and Aesthetics
    52. Jasper Cragwall

    53. Food, Drink and Dress
    54. Charles Wallace

    55. Engagements with Non-British Cultures
    56. David N. Field

      PART IIIC: Humankind and the World

    57. Providence and History
    58. Dick Osita Eugenio

    59. The Natural and Supernatural Worlds
    60. James E. Pedlar

    61. Science and Technology
    62. Dion A. Forster

    63. Animal Welfare
    64. David L. Clough

      PART IV: Wesley’s Reception

    65. Britain and Ireland, to c.1820
    66. Simon Lewis

    67. America, to c.1820
    68. Natalya A. Cherry

    69. Commemorating John Wesley: Forming the Creation Myth of Methodism
    70. Peter S. Forsaith

      PART V: Wesley’s Longer-Term Geographic Legacy

    71. The Atlantic World
    72. Jérôme Grosclaude

    73. Africa
    74. R. Simangaliso Kumalo

    75. Australasia, Asia and Oceania
    76. Glen O’Brien

    77. Latin America and the Caribbean
    78. Philip Wingeier-Rayo

    79. A Quantitative Assessment of the Global Expansion of Wesley’s Methodism

    David J. Jeremy


    Clive Murray Norris is a historian of Methodism, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, Oxford Brookes University, UK. He is the author of The Financing of John Wesley’s Methodism c. 1740-1800 (Oxford University Press, 2017) and A History of Methodist Insurance in Britain (Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, 2022). He was until 2023 co-editor of the journal Wesley and Methodist Studies.

    Joseph W. Cunningham is Associate Professor of Religion at Eureka College in central Illinois, US. He is the author of John Wesley’s Pneumatology: Perceptible Inspiration (Routledge, 2014), and a co-editor of the journal Wesley and Methodist Studies.