1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Literature of the U.S. South

    The Routledge Companion to Literature of the U.S. South provides a collection of vibrant and multidisciplinary essays by scholars from a wide range of backgrounds working in the field of U.S. southern literary studies. With topics ranging from American studies, African American studies, transatlantic or global studies, multiethnic studies, immigration studies, and gender studies, this volume presents a multi-faceted conversation around a wide variety of subjects in U.S. southern literary studies. The Companion will offer a comprehensive overview of the southern literary studies field, including a chronological history from the U.S. colonial era to the present day and theoretical touchstones, while also introducing new methods of reconceiving region and the U.S. South as inherently interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional. The volume will therefore be an invaluable tool for instructors, scholars, students, and members of the general public who are interested in exploring the field further but will also suggest new methods of engaging with regional studies, American studies, American literary studies, and cultural studies.


    Katharine A. Burnett, Todd Hagstette, and Monica Carol Miller

    Part I: Foundations

    Introduction: Foundations

    Todd Hagstette

    1. Academic Origins of Southern Studies (Spotlight: I’ll Take My Stand)

    Ted Atkinson

    2. Antebellum Literature (Spotlight: William Gilmore Simms)

    Katharine A. Burnett

    3. Appalachian Literature (Spotlight: Ron Rash)

    Zackary Vernon

    4. The Civil War (Spotlight: Augusta Jane Evans)

    Karen Tracey

    5. Class and Economics (Spotlight: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (1941))

    David A. Davis

    6. Colonial Writing (Spotlight: John Smith)

    Dan Waldon

    7. Community (Spotlight: Monique Truong)

    Elizabeth Gardner

    8. Drama (Spotlight: Tennessee Williams)

    William Mark Poteet

    9. Film (Spotlight: Deliverance)

    Robert Jackson

    10. Foodways (Spotlight: Rick Bragg)

    Erica Abrams Locklear

    11. Gender (Spotlight: Sherley Anne Williams)

    Michael Bibler

    12. The Global South (Spotlight: Yaa Gyasi)

    Amy K. King

    13. The Harlem Renaissance (Spotlight: Jean Toomer)

    Ricardo A. Wilson II

    14. Home (Spotlight: Alice Walker)

    Nagueyalti Warren

    15. Humor (Spotlight: Mark Twain)

    John Bird

    16. Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Era (Spotlight: To Kill a Mockingbird)

    Julie Buckner Armstrong

    17. Local Color and Regionalism (Spotlight: Charles Chesnutt)

    Bill Hardwig

    18. Modernism (Spotlight: William Faulkner)

    Thomas F. Haddox

    19. Music (Spotlight: The Country-Soul Triangle [Memphis-Muscle Shoals-Nashville])

    Ellie Campbell

    20. Native Souths (Spotlight: LeAnne Howe)

    Kirstin L. Squint

    21. Poetry and Verse (Spotlight: Natasha Trethewey)

    Christie Collins

    22. Postbellum Literature (Spotlight: Thomas Nelson Page)

    Christopher Bundrick

    23. Reconstruction and the New South (Spotlight: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper)

    Sherita Johnson

    24. Religion (Spotlight: Flannery O’Connor)

    Matt Bryant Cheney

    25. Science and Technology (Spotlight: Walker Percy)

    Doug Davis

    26. Sexuality (Spotlight: Kate Chopin)

    Jaime Cantrell

    27. Slave Narratives (Spotlight: Frederick Douglass)

    Sandra Burr

    28. Southern Gothic (Spotlight: Toni Morrison)

    Melanie Anderson

    29. Southern Periodical Culture (Spotlight: The Double Dealer [1921-1926])

    Sian Round

    30. Wilderness South (Spotlight: James Kilgo)

    Anthony Dyer Hoefer


    Part II: Touchstones

    Introduction: Touchstones

    Katharine A. Burnett

    31. Anti-Tom Literature (Spotlight: Caroline Lee Hentz)

    Peter Templeton

    32. Asian American South (Spotlight: Ha Jin)

    Suzanne Kamata

    33. Autobiography (Spotlight: Maya Angelou)

    Matthew Sutton

    34. Blues (Spotlight: Langston Hughes)

    Elizabeth LeRud

    35. Children’s Literature (Spotlight: Mildred Taylor)

    Laura Hakala

    36. Classical Music (Spotlight: James Weldon Johnson)

    Tamyln Avery

    37. Cold War Literature (Spotlight: Ralph Ellison)

    Atsushi Marutani

    38. Cosmopolitanism (Spotlight: Edgar Allan Poe)

    Kristopher Mecholsky

    39. Creolization (Spotlight: George Washington Cable)

    Amanda M. Capelli

    40. Detective and Mystery Fiction (Spotlight: Margaret Maron)

    John Jebb

    41. Early Contact Souths (Spotlight: La Florida)

    E. Thomson Shields, Jr.

    42. Ecocriticism and the Environment (Spotlight: Wendell Berry)

    Sarah-Marie Horning

    43. Feminism (Spotlight: Lee Smith)

    Monica Carol Miller

    44. Grit Lit (Spotlight: Larry Brown)

    Peter Jay Ingrao

    45. Hispanophone Literatures (Spotlight: Nineteenth-Century Hispanophone Periodical Poetry)

    Ayendy Bonifacio

    46. Ireland and the U.S. South (Spotlight: Lafcadio Hearn)

    Jessica L. Martell

    47. The Lost Cause Myth (Spotlight: Gone with the Wind)

    Sean Heuston

    48. Masculinity (Spotlight: Robert Penn Warren)

    Wes Berry

    49. Migration (Spotlight: Gayl Jones)

    Joanna Davis-McElligatt

    50. New Southern Studies (Spotlight: Kiese Laymon)

    Kathryn McKee

    51. Nostalgia (Spotlight: Peter Taylor)

    W. Matthew J. Simmons

    52. Old Southwestern Humor (Spotlight: Johnson Jones Hooper)

    John Miller

    53. Plantation Fiction (Spotlight: John Pendleton Kennedy)

    Christopher Bundrick

    54. Postbellum Slave Narratives (Spotlight: Booker T. Washington)

    Adam Yeich

    55. Pre-Invasion Indigenous Texts (Spotlight: Cherokee Oral Stories)

    Eric Gary Anderson

    56. The Proslavery Argument (Spotlight: James Henry Hammond)

    Todd Hagstette

    57. Southern Diarists (Spotlight: Mary Chesnut)

    Julia Nitz

    58. Television (Spotlight: Ava DuVernay, Queen Sugar)

    Stephanie Rountree

    59. The Transatlantic South (Spotlight: Katherine Anne Porter)

    Joseph Kuhn

    60. Virginia before Jefferson (Spotlight: William Byrd II)

    Amanda Louise Johnson

    61. Women’s Slave Narratives (Spotlight: Harriet Ann Jacobs)

    Delphine Louis-Dimitrov

    Part III: Trajectories

    Introduction: Trajectories

    Monica Carol Miller

    62. Activism (Spotlight: Toni Cade Bambara)

    Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder

    63. Affect (Spotlight: Eudora Welty)

    Jill Fennell

    64. Afrofuturism (Spotlight: W.E.B. Du Bois)

    Samanda Robinson

    65. Border Souths (Spotlight: Cormac McCarthy)

    Sally Ann Schutz

    66. The Carceral South (Spotlight: Ernest Gaines)

    Elizabeth Steeby

    67. Comics in the U.S. South (Spotlight: Nate Powell)Matthew Teutsch

    68. Disability Studies (Spotlight: Carson McCullers)

    Bruce Henderson

    69. Environmental Refugees (Spotlight: Moira Crone)

    Zackary Vernon

    70. The Freak South (Spotlight: Erskine Caldwell)

    Erik Kline

    71. The Gulf South (Spotlight: Jesmyn Ward)

    Jim Coby

    72. Hip Hop and the South (Spotlight: Atlanta Hip Hop)

    Urszula Niewiadomska-Flis

    73. Lesbian South (Spotlight: Dorothy Allison)

    Jamie Harker

    74. Mill Town Literature (Spotlight: Wiley Cash)

    Jimmy Dean Smith

    75. Multiethnic Souths (Spotlight: Lan Cao’s Monkey Bridge)

    Amy Schmidt

    76. Neo-Slave Narratives (Spotlight: Colson Whitehead)

    Allison Harris

    77. New Media (Spotlight: Blake Hausman)

    Gina Caison

    78. The Ozarks (Spotlight: Donald Harington)

    Joe Farmer

    79. Plantationocene (Spotlight Randall Kenan)

    Sandra Burr

    80. Queer Souths (Spotlight: Randall Kenan)

    Eric Solomon

    81. Southern Cityscapes (Spotlight: George Saunders)

    William Murray

    82. Southern Hyperboles (Spotlight: Lillian Smith)

    Michał Choiński

    83. Southern Pirates (Spotlight: Joseph Holt Ingraham)

    Kathleen Crosby

    84. The Speculative South (Spotlight: Octavia Butler)

    Ellie Campbell

    85. Trans and Non-Binary Souths (Spotlight: Meredith Russo)

    Phillip "Pip" Gordon

    86. Trauma (Spotlight: William Styron)

    Jean W. Cash

    87. Undead Souths (Spotlight: Dead Birds)Eric Gary Anderson

    88. Understanding Southern Studies and Cultural Studies

    Jennie Lightweis-Goff


    Katharine A. Burnett is Associate Professor of English at Fisk University, USA.

    Todd Hagstette is Associate Professor of English at the University of South Carolina Aiken, USA.

    Monica Carol Miller is Assistant Professor of English at Middle Georgia State University, USA.

    "One echo above all came to mind when I read the introduction and contents of the new Routledge Companion to Southern Literature: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Jefferson has been placed in both categories over the long haul of southern studies. The editors and contributors to this new volume should be looked at as significant "refreshers." How far we have come from Jay Hubbell's The South in American Literature."

    -Michael Kreyling, author of Inventing Southern Literature (1998) and The South That Wasn't There (2010)