1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Managing Digital Outsourcing

Edited By Erik Beulen, Pieter Ribbers Copyright 2020

    This unique comprehensive collection presents the latest multi-disciplinary research in strategic digital outsourcing and digital business strategy, providing a management decision-making framework for successful long-term relationships and collaboration based on trust and governance.

    • Part I: Innovation in Business Models and Digital Outsourcing takes an internal company perspective on strategic digital outsourcing, and the importance of trust in outsourcing relationships.
    • Part II: Inter-organizational Relations and Transfer explores topics underpinning service recipients and service suppliers’ relationships including governance, knowledge transfer and legal aspects.
    • Part III: From On-site to Cloud discusses the challenges presented by moving to a cloud environment, including risks and controls.
    • Part IV: Developments to Come explores emerging technologies and their impact on digital outsourcing such as blockchain and the Internet of Things.

    In a fiercely competitive market, companies must transform their business models and embrace new approaches. This Companion provides a comprehensive management overview of strategic digital outsourcing and is an invaluable resource for researchers and advanced students in business and strategic information management, as well as a timely resource for systems professionals.

    Part I: Innovation in Business Models and Digital Outsourcing

    1. Strategic Sourcing in Turbulent Times: The Impact of Trust and Partnership: Robert J. Benson and Pieter M. Ribbers

    2. Influence of New Business Models and Technology on Technology Strategy and Partnerships: Christopher P. Holland

    3. Enterprise Architecture: Marlies van Steenbergen

    4. Agile and DevOps in the Context of Enterprise Architecture & IT Architecture: Bill Schiano

    5. Supply Chain Coordination and Integration: Jos van Hillegersberg1 and Dissa R. Chandra

    6. Offshore Outsourcing: Hans Solli-Sæther and Petter Gottschalk

    7. Impact Sourcing (Socially Responsible Outsourcing): Prof. Ron Babin and Prof. Brian Nicholson

    8. Samurais and Ninjas: Ambidexterity @ AXA Konzern AG: Antje Susanne Koch, Pieter Ribbers and Anne-Francoise Rutkowski

    9. Can Outsourcing Improve Competitive Advantage in Direct Retail Banking? Julia Kotlarsky and Jan Teckemeyer

    Part II: Interorganizational Relations and Transfer

    10. Governing and Orchestrating Relationships in Outsourcing with Multiple Vendors: Albert Plugge and Marijn Janssen

    11. Knowledge Transfer in the Transition Phase: Review of the Literature and Implications for Digital Business Strategy and Agility: Oliver Krancher

    12. Tackling the Challenge of Transition Thases with KAIWA: How to Steer the Critical Success Factors of Human Interaction: Erik Wende and André Mertel

    13. Parties, Partners and the Law. Some Contractual and Compliance Issues in Digital Outsourcing: Kees C. Stuurman

    Part III:  From On-site-to Cloud

    14. Welcome Mission Critical Cloud: Arjan Eriks

    15. Gravitation of SaaS-Centric Cloud Platforms: André Halckenhaeusser, Armin Heinzl and Kai Spohrer

    16. Governing Cloud Computing Services: Mathew Mertens, Steven De Haes and Tim Huygh

    17. When the Cloud Runs out of its Silver Lining: Kiron Ravindran, Juan Manuel Gonzalez Muñoz and Alex van den Bergh

    Part IV: Developments to Come

    Chapter 18. Blockchain and other Distributed Ledgers: Eddy H.J. Vaassen

    Chapter 19. Internet of Things: Marcel Baron


    Erik Beulen is full Professor of Information Management at Tilburg University, NL and Academic Director of the executive MSc Information Management at TIAS Business School. He has extensive international industry and consulting experience including with Accenture, Alvarez & Marsal, Atos, The Boston Consulting Group and KPMG.

    Pieter M. Ribbers is Emeritus Professor at Tilburg University, NL, and held the chair of Information Management at the School of Economics and Management. He has served as dean, head of department, academic director of executive programs in Information Management, author and consultant for almost 30 years, and has (co-) authored several books and many journal publications.

    The strategic management of, and innovation with, information technology resources remains a key and sometimes vexed issue - the more so when aspects of these critical resources are outsourced. A key to success includes careful husbanding of inter-organisational relationships and an understanding of the added complexities of the digital age. The Routledge Companion to Managing Digital Outsourcing deals head-on with these issues. Written in a theoretically sound but clearly accessible manner, the book is an essential read for deep thinking practitioners and Master's level students alike.
    Bob Galliers, The University Distinguished Professor Emeritus and former Provost, Bentley University, USA

    Essential reading for business executives motivated to build sustainable digital partnerships over time and better their sourcing outcomes.
    Eric van Heck, Professor of Information Management and Markets, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    This volume offers a wonderful compendium of chapters on outsourcing that range from traditional topics such as offshore outsourcing and contractual/compliance issues to a treasure trove of forward-looking topics including the influence of new business models and technology on the outsourcing partnerships, socially-responsible outsourcing, governing multi-vendor IT outsourcing relationships and cloud computing services, blockchains, and the Internet of Things. The chapters provide insights on governing complex client/vendor relationships under turbulence. While theoretically grounded to appeal to the academic and master student audience, business practitioners too can benefit from understandable discussions of important emerging outsourcing issues and rich case studies.
    Carol S. Saunders PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Central Florida, USA