1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Media and Tourism

    476 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    476 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Companion to Media and Tourism provides a comprehensive overview of the research into the convergence of media and tourism and specifically investigates the concept of mediatized tourism.

    This Companion offers a holistic look at the relationship between media and tourism by drawing from a global range of contributions by scholars from disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. The book is divided into five parts, covering diverse aspects of mediatization of tourism including place and space, representation, cultural production, and transmedia. It features a comprehensive theoretical introduction and an afterword by leading scholars in this emerging field, delving into the ways in which different forms of media content and consumption converge, and the consequential effects on tourism and tourists.

    The collection is an invaluable resource for students and scholars of tourism studies, cultural studies, and media and communication, as well as those with a particular interest in mediatization, convergence culture, and contemporary culture.

    Contents list

    1. Introduction: In the juncture of media convergence and tourism – towards a research agenda

    Maria Månsson, Cecilia Cassinger, Lena Eskilsson & Annæ Buchmann

    Part I - Critical and conceptual entrance points to the field

    2. Invited contribution - The Janus face of transmedia tourism: Towards a logistical turn in media and tourism studies

    André Jansson

    3. Invited contribution - Mind the gap: Interdisciplinary approaches to media and tourism

    Anne Marit Waade

    4. Theme Parks – Where media and tourism converge

    Sabrina Mittermeier

    5. Cinematic tourism in a time of media convergence: A spatial framework

    Giulia Lavarone

    6. What do Melania Trump tourism and Dracula tourism have in common? ‘Othering’ in the Western media discourse

    Maja Turnšek, Andreja Trdina & Barbara Pavlakovič

    7. Confronting the gaze, gripping the virtual: A cultural materialist perspective on cinema-tourism studies

    Sofia Sampaio

    8. Promoting cultural heritage in a post-digital context: A speculative future for the online archive

    Adriaan Odendaal & Karla Zavala

    9. Physical digital labour and the commoditisation of cultural sites: Mediatising tourism through social mapping

    Kathleen M. Kuehn & Michael S. Daubs

    Part II - Mediatized places and spaces

    10. Football tourism and the sounds of televised matches

    Nicolai J. Graakjær & Rasmus Grøn

    11. Pop idols, mediatized places, and identity-oriented performances of fans as domestic tourists in Japan

    Yunuen Ysela Mandujano-Salazar

    12. Do you feel the warmth? The online destination image of Southeast Asia

    Maria Criselda G. Badilla

    13. Tourism and popcorns: The role of feature films in branding and marketing destination New Zealand

    Natàlia Ferrer-Roca

    14. Official destination websites: A place’s showcase to the world

    José Fernández-Cavia

    15. Doing as directed: Analysing representations of travel in contemporary Bollywood cinema

    Apoorva Nanjangud

    16. Representation of food and tourism in legacy media: rediscovering the roots

    Francesc Fusté-Forné & Pere Masip

    17. Liminality and the stranger: Understanding tourists and their landscapes through True Detective

    Hazel Andrews & Les Roberts

    Part III - Circle of representation

    18. Co-creation constrained: Exploring gazes of the destination on Instagram

    Cecilia Cassinger & Åsa Thelander

    19. Representations of a Green Ireland: a case study of global franchises Star Wars and Game of Thrones

    Pat Brereton

    20. Representation of the UAE as a touristic destination in Nat Geo Abu Dhabi: An analytical study

    Alyaa Anter

    21. Rewriting history, revitalizing heritage: Heritage-based contents tourism in the Asia-Pacific region

    Philip Seaton & Sue Beeton

    22. Challenges of film-induced tourism in Croatia: From Winnetou to Game of Thrones

    Božo Skoko & Katarina Miličević

    23. Beaten tracks: belatedness and anti-tourism in guidebooks

    Tim Hannigan

    24. Film tourism and a changing cultural landscape for New Zealand: The influence of Pavlova westerns

    Warwick Frost & Jennifer Laing

    25. Tourists’ place-making performances through music

    Jörgen Eksell & Maria Månsson

    26. Tourists’ filmic representations on YouTube: A case study analysis of two mediatised visits to the Mursi in Ethiopia

    Tom Sintobin & Anke Tonnaer

    Part IV - Tourists as media producers

    27. Star gazing: The nexus and disparity between the media, tourism, and cultural heritage in Ireland

    Aine Mc Adam

    28. Commemorating popular media heritage: From shrines of fandom to sites of memory

    Christian Hviid Mortensen

    29. Media tourism, culinary cultures, and embodied fan experience: Visiting Hannibal’s Florence

    Rebecca Williams

    30. Scene hunting for anime locations: Otaku tourism in the Cool Japan

    Antonio Loriguillo-López

    31. Behind-the-(museum)scenes: Fan-curated exhibitions as tourist attractions

    Philipp Dominik Keidl

    32. Creative fandoms and the mediatized sacred sites

    Kyungjae Jang & Takayoshi Yamamura

    33. I came, I saw, I selfied: Travelling in the age of Instagram

    Ana Oliveira Garner

    34. The mediatization of Sherlock Holmes: Autoethnographic observations on literary and film tourism

    Annæ Buchmann

    35. Cultural intimacy of fans/travellers: popular culture and the politics of classification

    Andreja Trdina, Barbara Pavlakovič & Maja Turnšek

    Part V - Transmedia tourism

    36. The role of stories in travel posts to social media

    John Pearce & Gianna Moscardo

    37. Evaluating multiple portrayals of destination image: Assessing, categorising, and authenticating visuals on Facebook posted by national tourism organisations

    Nicholas Wise

    38. The digital tourist bureau: Challenges and opportunities when transferring to a digital value creation

    Sara Leckner & Carl Magnus Olsson

    39. Tourist information search in the age of mediatization

    Lena Eskilsson, Maria Månsson, Jan Henrik Nilsson & Malin Zillinger

    40. Towards sustainable nautical tourism – exploring transmedia storytelling

    Fani Galatsopoulou & Clio Kenterelidou

    41. The nexus between tourism heritage attraction, media and fashion

    Kim Williams

    42. Online and on tour: the smartphone effect in transmedia contexts

    Susan Carson & Mark Pennings

    43. Smartphone as the invisible backpack: The impact of smartphone on Chinese backpackers’ mobility pattern

    Jia Xie


    44. Afterword - Participatory placemakers: socio-spatial orderings along the nexus of tourism and media

    Szilvia Gyimóthy


    Maria Månsson is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University, Sweden. She has a PhD in Service Studies from Lund University that focused on Mediatized tourism. Her research deals with media’s influence on tourism and tourists' performances at destinations, place marketing, and place branding with a particular focus on popular culture.

    Annæ Buchmann has a PhD in Social Science and is a Lecturer in Events, Tourism, and Leisure at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Anna has published widely in film/media tourism and also horse tourism considering multispecies perspectives. Her interdisciplinary research looks at long-term strategies for creating sustainable communities and organisations in urban and regional destinations.

    Cecilia Cassinger obtained her PhD in Marketing, 2010. She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University, Sweden. Her research concerns the consequences and transformative potential of place brand communication and how communication is strategically used to mitigate conflicts among users in places, such as cities, regions, and nations.

    Lena Eskilsson is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography working at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies at Lund University, Sweden. She has a specialisation in place development and marketing with finalised research projects focusing on the bridging of the film and tourism sectors, as well as the influence of media on tourism and tourist behaviour at destinations.