The Routledge Companion to Mindfulness at Work  book cover
1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Mindfulness at Work

Edited By

Satinder Dhiman

ISBN 9780367200046
Published September 9, 2020 by Routledge
662 Pages

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Book Description

Given the ever-growing interest in the benefits of mindfulness to organizations and the individuals who work in them, this Companion is a comprehensive primary reference work for mindfulness (including creativity and flow) in the workplace, including business, healthcare, and educational settings.

Research shows that mindfulness boosts creativity through greater insight, receptivity, and balance, and increases energy and a sense of wellbeing. This Companion traces the genesis and growth of this burgeoning field, tracks its application to the workplace, and suggests trends and future directions.

With contributions from leading scholars and practitioners in business, leadership, psychology, healthcare, education, and other related fields, The Routledge Companion to Mindfulness at Work is an extensive reference work which will be a vital resource to the fields of management and organizational studies, human resource management, psychology, spirituality, cultural anthropology, and sociology. Each chapter will present a listing of key topics, a case or situation that illustrates the application of the themes, workplace lessons, and reflection questions.

Table of Contents

Part I: Mapping the Terrain of Mindfulness at Work

1 Anatomy of Mindfulness at Work: Theoretical Construct and Practical Applications
Satinder Dhiman

2 Workplace Mindfulness Theory and Research in Review: A Call for Temporal Investigations
Jared Weintraub and Scott B. Dust

3 Metacognitive Practice: Understanding Mindfulness as Repeated Attempts to Understand Mindfulness
Ravi S. Kudesia and Jenson Lau

4 A Multi-Dimensional Conceptualization of Mindfulness at Work:
Development and Initial Validation of the Work Mindfulness Scale
Christopher Raina

5 Workplace Mindfulness: Individual-, Group-, and Organizational-level Antecedents and Consequences
Manoj Yadav

Part II: Leading Mindfully

6 Sleepwalking versus Mindfulness: A Conscious Leadership Choice
Joan Marques

7 Mindful Leadership
Michael Chaskalson, Megan Reitz, Lee Walker, and Sharon Olivier

8 How Mindfulness Impacts the Way Leaders Connect with and Develop Followers
Jason Beck

9 The Universe’s Doorway: Long-Term Mindfulness as a Way to Leadership
Bena (Beth) Long

10 Conversation in mindfulness: Leading Self to Lead Others
Therese Walkinshaw

11 Mindful Leadership-Followership, Co-flow, and Co-creativity
Wenli Wang and Petros G. Malakyan

Part III: Managing Mindfully

12 Spiritual Mindfulness for Management
Peter McGhee and Patricia Grant

13 Being Present is a Present: Mindfulness as a Strategy to Manage Interactions at Work and Non-Work Life
Melita Balas Rant and Katarina Katja Mihelič

14 More than Meditation: How Managers can Effectively put the Science of Workplace Mindfulness to Work
Jutta Tobias Mortlock

15 Workplace Mindfulness: The Role of Human Resource Management in Engendering a Mindful Workplace
Huda Masood and Stefan Karajovic

16 Why Manage with Insight? A Buddhist View That Goes Beyond Mindfulness
Thushini S. Jayawardena-Willis , Edwina Pio , and Peter McGhee

Part IV: Mindfulness-Based Learning and Interventions

17 Enhancing Workplace Learning through Mindfulness
Matthew D. Hanson , Jason G. Randall , Gabrielle C. Danna, and Huy Q. Le

18 Management Education in Turbulent Times: Mindfulness in the Classroom
Anne Randerson and Rajnandini Pillai

19 The State of Mindfulness at Top U.S. Public Universities: A Brief Review and Lessons Learned
Sabine Grunwald and Liva LaMontagne

20 Conceptualization of Mindfulness Practice and its Permeance through Primeval Works: A Holistic-Literary Outlook
Nidhi Kaushal

21 Reducing Disruptions caused by Social Networking Sites through Mindfulness:
A Case in Point
Haziq Mehmood and Siu Oi Ling

22 The Interplay Between Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience
Igor Ristić, and Ayça Kübra Hizarci-Payne

23 Integrative Knowledge: A Mindful Approach to Science
Andrea Cherman and Francisco Eduardo Moreira de Azeredo

24 Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Context: A Case Study
Lasse Lychnell

Part V: Creative & Novel Approaches to Mindfulness

25 Non-Religious Mindfulness, Phenomenology, and Intersubjectivity
Olga Louchakova-Schwartz

26 Energy, Joy, Mindfulness, and Engagement at Work –A Pilot Study of an "Inner Engineering" Approach
Tracy F. H. Chang

27 Attention, Reverence, and Devotion: An Ignatian Method for Fostering Mindfulness at Work
Dung Q. Tran

28 Practical Steps for Christian's to Live out their Faith at Work: Mindfulness in Practice Debra J. Dean

29 Boosting Creativity Through the Reduction Power of Mindfulness on Emotional Exhaustion
Ayça Kübra Hizarci-Payne and Alev Katrinli

30 Love, Creativity and Mindfulness in International Leaders: Qualities For A Successful Future World of Work
Claude-Hélène Mayer and Rudolf Oosthuizen

31 The Genesis of Mindfulness in the East and Workplace Appropriation in the West
R. Ray Gehani and Sunita Gehani

32 The Role of Mindfulness in Leadership, Followership and Organizations
Kerri Cissna and H. Eric Schockman

33 The Role of Mindfulness in Closing the Intention-Behavior Gap in Employee Pro-Environmental Behavior

Julia Hufnagel and Katharina Spraul

34 Doing Vipasanna the Buddha’s Way: A Seeker’s Immersion in Mindfulness in Life and Leadership
Satinder Dhiman


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Satinder K. Dhiman serves as the Associate Dean, Chair, and Director of the MBA Program and Professor of Management at Woodbury University, Burbank, California. A recognized leading thinker in the field of spirituality in the workplace and sustainability, he has also completed advance executive leadership programs at Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton.