1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Modern Christian Thought

Edited By Chad Meister, James Beilby Copyright 2013
    896 Pages
    by Routledge

    896 Pages
    by Routledge

    This Companion provides an unrivalled view of the field of modern Christian thought, from the Enlightenment to the twentieth century and beyond. Written by an outstanding team of theologians and philosophers of religion, it covers the following topics within Christian thought:

    • Key figures and influencers
    • Central events and movements
    • Major theological issues and key approaches to Christian Theology
    • Recent topics and trends in Christian thought

    Each entry is clear and accessible, making the book the ideal resource for students of Christian thought and history and philosophy of religion, and a valuable reference for professional theologians and philosophers.

    Introduction.  Part 1: Key Figures.  1. Immanuel Kant (PAMELA SUE ANDERSON) 2. Friedrich Schleiermacher (ANDREW C. DOLE) 3. G. W. F. Hegel (CYRIL O’REGAN) 4. Charles Hodge (PAUL HELSETH) 5. Ludwig Feuerbach (DOUGLAS MOGGACH AND WIDUKIND DE RIDDER) 6. Charles Darwin (MICHAEL RUSE) 7. Søren Kierkegaard (C. STEPHEN EVANS AND ZACH MANIS) 8. Abraham Kuyper (JOHN BOLT) 9. William James (MICHAEL R. SLATER) 10. Friedrich Nietzsche (BRUCE ELLIS BENSON) 11. Adolf von Harnack (GEORGE NEWLANDS) 12. Rudolf Bultmann (DAVID FERGUSSON) 13. Paul Tillich (RUSSELL RE MANNING) 14. Karl Barth (KEVIN HECTOR) 15. Charles Hartshorne (DANIEL DOMBROWSKI) 16. Henri de Lubac (SUSAN K. WOOD) 17. Karl Rahner (MARK F. FISCHER) 18. Hans Urs von Balthasar (EDWARD T. OAKES) 19. Simone Weil (ANN LOADES) 20. Dietrich Bonhoeffer (JOHN W. DE GRUCHY) 21. Jürgen Moltmann (THOMAS R. THOMPSON) 22. Rosemary Radford Ruether (KRISTA E. HUGHES)  Part 2: Major Events and Movements 23. Enlightenment (GARRETT GREEN) 24. Scientific Revolution (JOSHUA MORITZ) 25. Pietism (CRAIG ATWOOD) 26. Existentialism (KYLE ROBERTS AND SILAS MORGAN) 27. Fundamentalism (HARRIET HARRIS) 28. Liberalism (J. B. STUMP) 29. Deism (ALAN CHARLES KORS) 30. Romanticism (DANIEL N. ROBINSON) 31. Phenomenology (DERMOT MORAN) 32. Vatican II (FRANCIS SCHÜSSLER FIORENZA) Part 3: Theological Loci 33. Prolegomena (CHARLES TALIAFERRO) 34. Bible (WILLIAM ABRAHAM) 35. Doctrine of God (BRIAN HEBBLETHWAITE) 36. Christology (GERALD O’COLLINS) 37. Theological Anthropology (D. LYLE DABNEY) 38. Eschatology (JERRY WALLS AND PHILIP TALLON) 39. Ecclesiology (SCOT MCKNIGHT) 40. Missiology (DARRELL GUDER) 41. Pneumatology (PETER ZIMMERLING) 42. Soteriology (PAUL MOSER) 43. Trinity (THOMAS MCCALL) 44. Apologetics (JOHN STACKHOUSE, JR.) Part 4: Theological Approaches (45. Anglican Theology) MARK D. CHAPMAN 46. Roman Catholic Theology (LAWRENCE CUNNINGHAM) 47. Eastern Orthodox Theology (ARISTOTLE PAPANIKOLAOU) 48. Evangelical Theology (ROGER OLSON) 49. Liberation Theology (ANDREW BRADSTOCK) 50. Process Theology (JOHN B. COBB, JR.) 51. Feminist Theology (ROSEMARY RADFORD RUETHER) 52. Black Theology (ANTHONY REDDIE) 53. African Theology (EDWARD PHILLIP ANTONIO) 54. Asian Theology (SEBASTIAN C. H. KIM) 55. Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology (AMOS YONG) 56. Radical Orthodoxy (D. STEPHEN LONG) Part 5: Recent Currents 57. Theology of Religions (GAVIN D’COSTA) 58. Theology and Ethics (LINDA ZAGZEBSKI) 59. Theology and Science (JOHN POLKINGHORNE) 60. Panentheism (PHILIP CLAYTON) 61. Christian Naturalism (JEROME STONE) 62. Systematic Theology (KEVIN J. VANHOOZER) 63. Biblical Theology (T. DESMOND ALEXANDER) 64. Christian Philosophical Theology (STEPHEN T. DAVIS) 65. Theology and Postmodernity (JOHN R. FRANKE) 66. Environmental Theology (JAY MCDANIEL) 67. Ecumenical Theology (MARTIN MARTY) 68. Theology and Race (WILLIE JAMES JENNINGS) 69. Theology and Culture (ROBERT K. JOHNSTON) 70. Christianity in the Majority World (HARVEY G. COX, JR.) 71. Neurotheology (WESLEY WILDMAN AND IAN COOLEY) 72. Astrotheology (TED PETERS)


    Chad Meister is a Professor in the School of Religion and Philosophy at Bethel College, USA. His books for Routledge include Christian Thought: A Historical Introduction (2010, with J.B. Stump), The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Religion (2007, with Paul Copan), The Philosophy of Religion Reader (2007) and Introducing Philosophy of Religion (2009).

    James Beilby is a Professor in the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethel University, USA. His previous publications include Naturalism Defeated? (Cornell University Press), Epistemology as Theology (Ashgate) and The Historical Jesus: Five Views (InterVarsity Press).

    "This Companion is the most comprehensive volume dealing with the subject of modern theology we have. It surely will be the standard by which any other accounts of the development of theology since the Enlightenment is judged." – Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School, USA

    "The sea change in human understanding called ‘modernity’ is widely acknowledged to have presented Christian thinking with critical challenges. At the same time, it has also been a stimulus to new directions in Christian thought. This volume - for which the editors have assembled a hugely impressive range of expertise - is admirably comprehensive in its survey of the principal authors, topics and responses of both the challenge and the stimulus." – Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA

    "This is a compelling compendium of articles of exceptional quality. Perspicuously organized, the volume is characterized by a rare combination of stellar scholarship and reader accessibility." – David S. Pacini, Emory University, USA

    "The responses of Christian theology and the churches to the upheavals of the Enlightenment and the advent of modernity are extremely complex and various. In negotiating this formidable era in intellectual history, this Companion is peerless in the extent of its coverage and the authority of its contributors. It is to be urgently commended to teachers and students of Christian theology in the modern period." – Simon Oliver, University of Nottingham,UK

    "[This] makes for a good resource, covering most of the ground of modern Christian thought. There are...many suprises along the way." Patrick Morrow,  The Council of Christians and Jews, UK

    "In 72 short essays, this book offers a comprehensive, authoritative overview of key figures and developments in Christian thought since the Enlightenment. The essays are written by leading experts on the topics in question and are of uniformly high quality. This volume will be especially valuable for graduate students, scholars in religious studies and theology, and perhaps members of the clergy. Summing Up: Highly recommended." -S.J. Shoemaker, University of Oregon, USA in Choice