1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Music and Visual Culture

Edited By Tim Shephard, Anne Leonard Copyright 2014
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    432 Pages
    by Routledge

    As a coherent field of research, the field of music and visual culture has seen rapid growth in recent years. The Routledge Companion to Music and Visual Culture serves as the first comprehensive reference on the intersection between these two areas of study, an ideal introduction for those coming to the field for the first time as well as a useful source of information for seasoned researchers. This collection of over forty entries, from musicologists and art historians from the US and UK, delineate the key concepts in the field in five parts:

    • Starting Points
    • Methodologies
    • Reciprocation – the musical in visual culture and the visual in musical culture
    • Convergence –in metaphor, in conception, and in practice
    • Hybrid Arts

    This reference work speaks to the important questions concerning this burgeoning field of research –what are the established approaches to studying musical and visual cultures side by side? What have been the major points of contact between these two areas and what kind of questions can this interdisciplinary research address moving forward? The Routledge Companion to Music and Visual Culture is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in the field of music and visual culture.

    Part I: Starting Points 

    1 Seeing Music (Richard Leppert)

    2 Synaesthesia (Simon Shaw-Miller)

    Part II: Methodologies 

    3 Art History for Musicologists (Charlotte de Mille)

    4 Musicology for Art Historians (Jonathan Hicks)

    5 Iconography (Robert L. Kendrick)

    6 Cultural History (Marsha Morton)

    7 Performance Studies (Laura Cull)

    8 Studying Music and Screen Media (David Neumeyer)

    9 Visual Evidence in Ethnomusicology (Andrew Killick)

    Part III: Reciprocation  

    III.1 The Musical in Visual Culture

    10 Representing Music-Making (Alan Davison)

    11 Composer Portrait Prints (Stephen A. Bergquist)

    12 Music, Symbolism, and Allegory (Ayla Lepine)

    13 Music as Attribute: Idea, Image, Sound (Philip Weller)

    14 Looking and Listening: Music and Sound as Visual Trope in Ukiyo-e (Alexander Binns)

    15 Painting and Musicality (Therese Dolan)

    III.2 The Visual in Musical Culture

    16 The "Representation" of Paintings in Music (William L. Coleman)

    17 Gesture and Imagery in Music Performance: Perspectives from North Indian Classical Music (Laura Leante)

    18 Notations: Context and Strucutre in Japanese Traditional Music (Liv Lande)

    19 Manuscripts (Marica S. Tacconi)

    20 Printed Music: Music Printing as Art (Kate van Orden)

    21 Album Art and Posters: The Psychedelic Interplay of Rock Art and Art Rock (Jan Butler)

    Part IV: Convergence 

    IV.1 Convergence in Metaphor

    22 Visual Metaphors in Music Analysis and Criticism (Gurminder Kaur Bhogal)

    23 Visual Metaphors in Music Treatises: Metaphor as Experience in Vincenzo Galilei's Dialogo della Musica Antica e della Moderna (Antonio Cascelli)

    24 Musical Metaphors in Art Criticism (Anne Leonard)

    25 Musical Metaphors in Art Treatises: The Codification of Emotions in Eighteenth-Century Art Theory (Clare Hornsby)

    IV.2 Convergence in Conception

    26 Leonardo and the Paragone (Tim Shephard)

    27 Poussin and the Modes (Sheila McTighe)

    28 Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk (Diane Silverthorne)

    29 Rāgas, Mood, and Representation (Jonathan B. Katz)

    IV.3 Convergence in Practice

    30 Artists as Musicians and Musical Connoisseurs: Musicians, Mélomanes, and Ideas of Music among Nineteenth-Century Artists (Peter Schmunk)

    31 Musical Spaces: The Politics of Space in Renaissance Italy (Tim Shephard)

    32 Built Architecture for Music: Spaces for Chamber Music in Sixteenth-Century Italy (Laura Moretti)

    33 Urban Soundscapes: Hearing and Seeing Jerusalem (Abigail Wood)

    34 Music in Social and Artistic Context: Women Qin Players (Mingmei Yip)

    35 Music in New Media (Fabian Holt)

    Part V: Hybrid Arts

    36 Pageantry (Kelley Harness)

    37 Opera (Sarah Hibberd)

    38 Ballet: Interactions of Musical and Visual Style (Philip Weller)

    39 Dance: Visual/Musical Effects in Two Dance Performances (Flaviana Sampaio)

    40 Musicals (Dominic McHugh)

    41 Film I: Bollywood--Music and Multimedia (Anna Morcom)

    42 Film II (David Neumeyer)

    43 Multi-Media Art: Video Art-Music (Holly Rogers)

    44 Music, Visual Culture, and Digital Games (Roger Mosele)


    Tim Shephard is a lecturer in Musicology at the University of Sheffield, and also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Music, Gender and Identity, University of Huddersfield. His research concerns music, identity, and visual culture at the courts of Renaissance Italy, and has appeared in several journals.

    Anne Leonard is a curator at the Smart Museum of Art and lecturer in the Department of Art History, University of Chicago. Her research on musical aspects of nineteenth-century art has appeared in articles, conference papers, and an exhibition catalogue, Looking and Listening in Nineteenth-Century France (2007).

    "The editors' expertise...translates into a focus on 18th- and 19th-century cultural audio/visual studies, a familiar concept but handled here in a forward-thinking way, especially in terms of iconography. This book will be a useful comparative text in film studies, composition, and performance arts. Summing Up: Recommended." -- D.A. King, McNally Smith College of Music, CHOICE

    "The contributions are...impressively representative and diverse." -- Lydia Goehr, The British Journal of Aesthetics

    "This Companion ought to accompany philosophers of the arts on their journeys." --  Lydia Goehr, Columbia University, British Journal of Aesthetics

    "The Routledge Companion...seems like an invitation to a critical confrontation between the traditional approaches and the possible new theoretical visions, to building new problematizations and perspectives of the interpretation of music and the visual." --Sanela Nikolić, Journal of Art and Media Studies