1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Musical Theatre

Edited By Laura MacDonald, Ryan Donovan Copyright 2023
    626 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Global in scope and featuring thirty-five chapters from more than fifty dance, music, and theatre scholars and practitioners, The Routledge Companion to Musical Theatre introduces the fundamentals of musical theatre studies and highlights developing global trends in practice and scholarship.

    Investigating the who, what, when, where, why, and how of transnational musical theatre, The Routledge Companion to Musical Theatre is a comprehensive guide for those studying the components of musical theatre, its history, practitioners, audiences, and agendas. The Companion expands the study of musical theatre to include the ways we practice and experience musicals, their engagement with technology, and their navigation of international commercial marketplaces. The Companion is the first collection to include global musical theatre in each chapter, reflecting the musical’s status as the world’s most popular theatrical form. This book brings together practice and scholarship, featuring essays by leading and emerging scholars alongside luminaries such as Chinese musical theatre composer San Bao, Tony Award-winning star André De Shields, and Tony Award-winning director Diane Paulus.

    This is an essential resource for students on theatre and performance courses and an invaluable text for researchers and practitioners in these areas of study.


    Diane Paulus

    Part 1: What

    Introduction: On Musicals

    San Bao

    1. Musical Theater Mobilities: Around the World in Eighty Years
    2. David Savran

    3. An American in Tokyo? Musical Theatre Dance’s Transnational Movements
    4. Ryan Donovan

    5. "How a World Can Seem So Vast": The Craft of Musical Theatre Dramaturgy
    6. Lindsey R. Barr and Laura MacDonald

    7. The Singing Voice
    8. Masi Asare

    9. "The Song Is You": Song Types and Genres in Musical Theatre
    10. William A. Everett

      Part 2: When

      Introduction: Dark Primal Energy, Ancestor Memory, and American Exceptionalism

      André De Shields with Kenneth J. Cerniglia

    11. From Ballad Opera to Minstrelsy and Back: Social Class, Race, and Gender on the North American Musical Stage
    12. Kristin Moriah

    13. From the 1870s through World War I: The Spectre and Spectacle of the Human Body
    14. Maya Cantu

    15. Boom to Bust: Genre Borders, Color Lines, and Women Stars in the Musical between the World Wars
    16. Todd Decker

    17. World War II and the Cold War: Reflections and Refractions of Ourselves, Then and Now
    18. Dominic McHugh

    19. Since the 1980s: The Global Musical Theatre Ecology
    20. Kelsey Blair

      Part 3: Who

      Introduction: Who Makes a Musical?

      Georgia Stitt

    21. Musical Theatre Training in the Twenty-First Century: A Primer
    22. Amy S. Osatinski and Bud Coleman

    23. "Forget About the Boy": Women and Creative Collaborations in Musical Theatre 
    24. Arianne Johnson Quinn and Clare Chandler 

    25. Good Gals Wear Black: Offstage Labor and the Musical
    26. Christine Snyder

    27. Mediated Taste: The Role of Critics
    28. Paul R. Laird

    29. From Stage Door to Cyberspace: The Digital Evolution of Musical Theatre Fandom
    30. Adam Rush and Stephanie Lim

      Part 4: How

      Introduction: How Musicals Work: A Press Representative’s View

      Chris Boneau

    31. Fitting the Slipper: The Art of Adaptation for the Musical Stage
    32. William A. Everett

    33. Harnessing Technology: The Evolving Labor of Design in Musical Theatre
    34. Virginia Anderson

    35. Humming the Scenery: The Aesthetics of Musical Theatre Spectacle
    36. Douglas L. Reside

    37. "That’s Showbiz, Kid": Casting as Process and Product
    38. Ryan Donovan

    39. The Foundation, Function, and Future of the Musical Theatre Director
    40. Mary Jo Lodge and Anne Healy

    41. How Dancers and Choreographers Work: The Laboring Bodies of Musical Theatre
    42. Joanna Dee Das

    43. "The Name on Everybody’s Lips": Marketing Musical Theatre
    44. Laura MacDonald

    45. A Critical Guide to Code-Meshing, Multilingualism, and Musicals
    46. Samuel Yates

      Part 5: Where

      Introduction: Scenes from a Showbiz Couple’s Travelogue

      Kim Varhola

    47. Centers of Musical Theatre
    48. Alex Bádue, Jennifer C.H.J. Wilson, Laura Milburn, Leesi Patrick, and Sir Anril P. Tiatco

    49. Pilots and Petticoats: Original Musicals in Continental Europe
    50. Jeroen van Wijhe and Jacek Mikołajczyk

    51. The Broadway-Style Musical in/and Global Asias: 1920-2019
    52. Sissi Liu and Rina Tanaka

    53. "One of the best ways to please the locals is to go to New York": US American Regional Theatres and New Musical Theatre Development
    54. Claudia Wilsch Case

    55. "We’re All in This Together": Student and Amateur Performances
    56. Kenneth J. Cerniglia

    57. Mediated Musical Theatre
    58. Sam O’Connell

      Part 6: Why

      Introduction: Into the Theatre

      Yilun (Della) Wu

    59. Journeys to the Past: The Uses of Memory and Nostalgia in Musical Theatre
    60. Bryan M. Vandevender

    61. What’s in a Name? The Multiplicities of the Musical
    62. John Koegel

    63. Interrogating America’s National Myth Onstage: Case Studies on the Individual and the Community in U.S. Musical Theatre
    64. Katie Welsh and Stacy Wolf

    65. Translating Race in Musical Theatre
    66. Ji Hon (Kayla) Yuh and Emilio Méndez Rios

    67. "Art Isn’t Easy" (and Neither is Commerce): The Musical Stays in the Money
    68. Michael Schwartz

    69. "World"-Traveling, Diversity, Inclusion, and the Making of Musicals in the Twenty-First Century

    Trevor Boffone



    Laura MacDonald is Assistant Professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University. With William A. Everett, she edited The Palgrave Handbook of Musical Theatre Producers (2017). She writes about long-running musicals on Broadway, in Europe, and in East Asia.

    Ryan Donovan is Assistant Professor of Theater Studies at Duke University. He is the author of Broadway Bodies: A Critical History of Conformity (Oxford) and Queer Approaches in Musical Theatre (Bloomsbury), and he co-edited the special issue of Studies in Musical Theatre on musical theatre dance.