1st Edition

The Routledge Companion to Nineteenth Century Philosophy

Edited By Dean Moyar Copyright 2010
    960 Pages
    by Routledge

    960 Pages
    by Routledge

    The nineteenth century is a period of stunning philosophical originality, characterised by radical engagement with the emerging human sciences. Often overshadowed by twentieth century philosophy which sought to reject some of its central tenets, the philosophers of the nineteenth century have re-emerged as profoundly important figures.

    The Routledge Companion to Nineteenth Century Philosophy is an outstanding survey and assessment of the century as a whole. Divided into seven parts and including thirty chapters written by leading international scholars, the Companion examines and assesses the central topics, themes, and philosophers of the nineteenth century, presenting the first comprehensive picture of the period in a single volume:

    • German Idealism
    • philosophy as political action, including young Hegelians, Marx and Tocqueville
    • philosophy and subjectivity, including Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche
    • scientific naturalism, including Darwinism, philosophy of race, experimental psychology and Neo-Kantianism
    • utilitarianism and British Idealism
    • American Idealism and Pragmatism
    • new directions in Mind and Logic, including Brentano, Frege and Husserl.

    The Routledge Companion to Nineteenth Century Philosophy is essential reading for students of philosophy, and for anyone interested in this period in related disciplines such as politics, history, literature and religion.

    Introduction Dean Moyar  Part 1: German Idealism  1. Self-Consciousness, System, Dialectic Scott Jenkins  2. Epistemology in German Idealism Dietmar Heidemann  3. The Philosophy of Nature of Kant Schelling and Hegel Dieter Wandschneider  4. The Moral Theory of German Idealism Allen Wood  5. The Political Theory of Kant, Fichte and Hegel Dean Moyar  6. The Aesthetics of Schelling and Hegel Rachel Zuckert  Part 2: Philosophy as Political Action  7. After Hegel: The Actualization of Philosophy in Practice Michael Quante  8. Karl Marx Tony Smith  9. Tocqueville, Social Science, and Democracy Jon Elster  Part 3: Rethinking the Subject  10. Early German Romanticism: the Challenge of Philosophizing Jane Kneller  11. Schopenhauer David Wellbery  12. Kierkegaard and German Idealism Merold Westphal  13. Nietzsche Ken Gemes and Chris Sykes  14. Bergson Keith Ansell-Pearson  Part 4: Engaging Naturalism  15. Comte’s Positivist Dream, Our Post-Positivist Burden Robert Scharff  16. Darwin’s Philosophical Impact Richard Richards  17. The Philosophy of Race in the Nineteenth Century Robert Bernasconi  18. Psychology and Philosophy Gary Hatfield  19. Dilthey and the Neo-Kantians: The Dispute Over the Status of the Human and Cultural Sciences Rudolph Makkreel and Sebastian Luft  Part 5: Utilitarianism and British Idealism  20. Mill: Logic and Metaphysics Fred Wilson  21. Mill’s Consequentialism Phillip Kitcher  22. British Idealism: Theoretical Philosophy Stewart Candlish  23. The British Idealists: Practical Philosophy and Social Responsibility David Boucher  Part 6: American Pragmatism and Idealism  24. C.S. Peirce Vincent Colapietro  25. William James Robert Burch  26. Josiah Royce David Schweikard  Part 7: New Directions in Philosophy of Mind and Logic  27. Post-Kantian Logical Radicalism Stephan Käufer  28. Franz Brentano Peter Simons  29. Gottlob Frege Kevin Klement  30. Edmund Husserl Christian Beyer



    Dean Moyar is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University.  He is the co-editor (with Michael Quante) of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit: A Critical Guide (2007), and the author of the Hegel’s Conscience (2010).

    A CHOICE Outstanding Academic title 2010

    'This is a crucial resource for advanced undergraduates and faculty of any discipline who are interested in the 19th-century roots of contemporary philosophical problems. Summing Up: Essential.' - CHOICE

    "… offers an unusually fine selection of themes and outstanding scholars to help philosophers come to grips with the 19th century … This volume has achieved its goals admirably." – Quaestiones Disputatae

    "A genuinely comprehensive history of the major (and even many of the minor) figures of 19th-century philosophy, American, British and Continental European. It will prove a valuable resource for students and scholars seeking introductions to these philosophers." – Brian Leiter, University of Chicago, USA

    "Impressive in both its breadth and the quality of its contributions. They are engaging, philosophically informative, and historically well-informed. In sum, the present collection proves very successful in fulfilling the promise implicit in the project of any such 'companion'." - Bernard Reginster, Brown University, USA

    "This fascinating and very welcome collection of essays on nineteenth century philosophical thought is an impressive achievement by all concerned. I would recommend it highly to anyone with an interest in the field." - Robert Stern, The University of Sheffield, UK